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What Happened to CoPromote?

What Happened to CoPromote?

The rumors are all over the Internet. Somebody deleted their database by mistake. They were raided by the feds. They simply went bankrupt. Whatever originally caused CoPromote to go offline during the summer of 2017, they clearly left a lot of angry and confused users in the dark. You don't have to do a lot of digging to find stories about large amounts of "reach" lost or refunds not being honored.

Unfortunately, because we are not connected to the original site, we can't restore your old "reach" or anything related to your old account. We know that many of the site's original users were left with a bad taste in their mouths, but hope you will give us a chance. We are sorry about that and would be angry as well.

In 2018, a programmer from New Hampshire named Jamie Cullinane purchased the CoPromote domain and developed a new social sharing platform from the ground up, trying to give a nod to the developers of the original site from online artifacts (YouTube videos, images, etc.). Needless to say, we have no plans of going offline. And if we ever have to, for whatever reason, rest-assured we will not leave our users in the cold. So use CoPromote with confidence!



CoPromote is a free cross-promotion platform.