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Spotlight on Top Sharers

Spotlight on Top Sharers

These are the top five sharers on CoPromote as of May 12th, 2019. They are all great examples of people helping people get their content out there.

Joseph K G Miller has really helped a lot of CoPromoters get their content out there. He's earned over 240,000 reach by generously sharing other people's content with his followers! He has a great description of himself on his Facebook page and music you have to check out.

A formal hip hop musician turned rock singer and musician. I've had a traumatic childhood as well as having asperger's and being legally blind. My style might be weird to most people, but it just shows my crazy and fun side and shows that I'm a nutcase, but in a good way.

With over 220,000 reach points earned, TopPromoterXL lives up to his name. He makes a lot of people happy by getting their content shared in big numbers. Don't miss his awesomely creative Twitter header either. 

In his CoPromote bio, HighEagle says that he enjoys helping people world-wide. He has definitely given us a taste of that, generously sharing other people's content to the tune of 150,000 reach.

MediaTLF is a media company that clearly knows how to distribute content. They've reached over 116,000 people for CoPromoters. Be sure to visit their Twitter page and check out the books they're distributing. 

Like bass? If you go to Dede SP's channel, you're probably going to get lost in sound for quite a long time. He has helped CoPromoters reach 117,000 followers.



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