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Try the New Forums

Try the New Forums

Outside of your own social media and websites, it can be difficult to find places where you can freely announce your new projects. That's the idea behind the new CoPromote forums. The forums are a place where you can promote your brand, music, podcast, video, book, etc. Introduce yourself and your projects/brand, make announcements, and discuss marketing efforts. Get valuable feedback from people and build new relationships to help build your audiences further.

The main idea is to open up discussion and get support from like-minded people while getting the word out to influencers. There are a few basic common sense rules though:

(1) Posts should be thoughtful. Low quality posts will be policed by the community and taken down.

(2) Posts should be unique. You shouldn't post the same thing over and over again or your posts will be removed. 

(3) Replies should be constructive. Most CoPromoters put a lot of hard work and energy into the things they promote. It's okay to provide critical feedback, but replies should not be negative. CoPromote forums are meant to be a supportive, helpful place.

(4) Respect the community. Content in the forums is subject to the community guidelines, which you can read here

Any new forum needs posts, so please contribute to help get discussions going!

To use the forums, you just have to sign up for CoPromote, which you can do here.



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