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Live Concert Streaming: YouTube, Coachella, Live Nation, & More

Music streaming is at its’ peak, and now we’re beginning to delve into the world of live concert streaming services! Below, we’ve listed three live concert streaming services that are sure to prevent you from missing out on catching your favorite artist’s performances.

YouTube x Coachella


This music and art festival based in Indio, CA has grown significantly since it first debuted in 1993 as a Pearl Jam concert at the Empire Polo Club to boycott ticketmaster venues. The inaugural Coachella festival followed in October of 1999. Since then, Coachella has hosted historic performances by chart-topping artists, up-and-coming artists – and even holograms of posthumous artists!

This year, YouTube will live-stream the entire first weekend (April 15th – 17th) of Coachella! YouTube and Coachella have had several streaming partnerships in the past, and they’ve added some of the cool features this year. Although the streaming schedule has yet to be posted, the festival announced there will be a custom scheduling tool that allows you to pre-select the acts you’re waiting to see. When the acts that you selected are set to perform, the stream will automatically change over to the proper channel to see that band or musician. Coachella has also stated that it will provide three channels of performances and interviews, as they have in the past.

The list of performers that will appear on the livestream will be available prior to this weekend at this source. Make sure you pre-select the acts early so you don’t miss out! Check out the list of this year’s performances/performers below.



Live Nation x Yahoo


Live Nation and Yahoo have had a promising partnership over the past couple of years. Their deal entails one live streamed concert event per each day of the year, resulting in 365 streams/year. The first year of Live Nation programming on Yahoo earned them more than 135 million streams worldwide.

With artists such as Madonna, Beyonce, U2, Jay Z, Coldplay, Lady Gaga, and more under their belt…Live Nation and Yahoo has enough clout to garner up to 365 different showcases per year. Check out the list of acts set and a new show each day here.



Launched in December of 2015, Live List is a live concert streaming platform. The app collects thousands of live-streaming concert performances and curates them into a central hub. Users of LiveList can follow favorite artists, bookmark shows, or get notifications when their shows go live. Some of the artists on their list include Guns and Roses, Adele, Jay Z, deadmau5, The Weeknd, and more! Along with an artist section, where you can pick your favorite artists to catch live, there is a channel section available highlighting genres, festivals and LiveList’s Staff Picks.

The only catch to the system is that you have to sign up in order to access their services/streaming, but that’s such a small ask to get to crème de la crème. Check LiveList out here.

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Featured CoPromoter: Chef Bruce Beck, Video Interview

Bruce Beck is a chef, entrepreneur, teacher, and author. Bruce has taught at “The New School” for over 25 years, owned two restaurants, written two books, and has now started his own cooking show/blog on YouTube called Bruce Beck In The Kitchen. As a special Featured CoPromoter treat, Bruce has featured us on his cooking show for our very first video interview! Click to watch the clip on YouTube or watch and read the transcript below for some of his social marketing tips!

1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what drew you into the culinary world?

I’m glad you asked that question. My favorite subject! One of the strangest things I have done in my food career—which started with baking cookies in 1978—is the subject of this week’s post at brucebeckinthekitchen.com. So please be sure to view that.
Basically, I came to New York for love and to be in theatre. But when auditions proved too daunting, I turned to my other passion—cooking. I had always cooked, and I waited tables to put myself through graduate school and always loved restaurants. So a career in food was not a stretch. But I could not have guessed the range of activities that followed: cookies, catering, teaching, writing, books, blogs, chocolate truffles, TV, department stores, Mexican restaurants, and a camera in hand through most of it.


2. You taught culinary at The New School for over 25 years. What was the most important thing you wanted to teach your students and why?

Classes, like my blog posts and YouTube videos, are always about good food and solid, safe technique to create it, the sheer pleasure of being able to step into the kitchen and efficiently create a satisfying meal. But at the heart of it all, for me, has always been a profound respect for the ingredients and the cooks who have discovered what to do with them—all over the world, through all the centuries of the human experiment. That reverence for the process and its roots has always driven my culinary passions and my need to share what I have learned. I cannot speak for other teachers, but my need to connect the dots has always been central.

3. How did you get into writing your books?

My love of language developed with my love of good cooking. They are inseparable! I always wrote—recipes, historical tidbits, technique clarifications. Then when a student of mine recommended me to a publishing house that was seeking a writer for a beautiful coffee table book, I auditioned. They hired me. That was PRODUCE: A FRUIT AND VEGETABLE LOVERS’ GUIDE. I never looked back. THE OFFICIAL FULTON FISH MARKET COOKBOOK was my own idea, and it represents about four years of hard work. And since then I have written many hundreds of recipes, for school, blogs, and businesses. And I always have a few other projects in the works, too. I’ll keep you posted about the progress of my new novel!


4. Can you tell us about the restaurants you owned, and how you used to promote them?

If I had known how to promote in the last decade, I might still be running one of my Mexican restaurants or my chocolate truffle business. Taco Sueño was a casual eatery across from Einstein Med School, followed by Yucatán, a big, beautiful restaurant nearby. Both of them had great food and a great look.  And they each had loving and loyal customers. My hand-rolled chocolate truffles (brucesbest.com) were the best I will every taste as long as I live. But among the poor business decisions I made through the years, the fatal flaw in each project turned out to be a lack of marketing focus.

5. Do you have any tips to give to other chefs regarding branding/marketing themselves?

Get some help! Food is a full time job, what with the requirements of creating recipes, sourcing ingredients, and seeing to it that every plate is consistent. While we are used to taking on extra jobs—worrying about Con Edison, table linens, staffing, deliveries, and the like—it is truly impossible to do everything. Seek out another pair of eyes and another pair of hands to help you turn your vision into a consistent brand, and then to manage getting the word out to potential—and existing—customers. Build trust with a marketing genius who is not afraid of hard work, and you will be glad you did!


You may subscribe to Bruce Beck’s cooking show on YouTube, or follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr.

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3 YouTube Gaming Channel Tips

3 YouTube Gaming Channel Tips

Gaming is an industry that has grown and developed into a career for those who are able to capitalize on it. Forbes stated that “online gaming or iGaming as it has been called has grown into a multi-billion dollar business, particularly in Europe. In the past online gaming used to mainly attract younger men, but that demographic group has expanded to include both women and older age groups.” Below, we’ve gathered a list of 3 YouTube gaming channel tips to maximize the engagement on your videos!

1) Good quality videos & channel

The cover of your channel, along with the cover of each of your videos should be a high-res image. The better the quality of the image, the more traction you will gain. It is also extremely important that your video is good quality as well (no taping your gaming sessions with your smartphone and uploading directly to YouTube!).

For this segment, we highlight YouTuber Gamematics. Their channel is geared towards playing each hot new game, and creating a movie-like experience out of the game. Each player is narrating the verbiage on the screen as though they are acting out each scenario. They include screaming, sound effects, and much more to provide a thematic experience. Not to mention, their channel is impeccably laid out. Their header, cover images, and video quality is flawless. Check out their recent Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 – Game Movie below.


2) Great Editing

Editing is key. If you can get the right video footage of your game paired up with the proper commentary…you WIN! Making sure what you’re talking about is on the screen that’s presented to your audience, along with capturing some alluring footage of whichever game you’re playing can help you gain a mass following. Editing is just as important as the quality of the videos!

With over 3 million subscribers, a main cast of 6, and an additional rotating team of cast members, The Achievement Hunters have quality editing down pat! They’ve included an intro with a storyline highlighting the cast members and their mission prior to gaming, along with including background music in and out of the session. Check out this video of them playing GTA V below!


3) Personality & Humor

Let your personality SHINE! Humor is one trait that seems to reign supreme in the gaming community. Humor is not the only way to win an audience’s heart; there’s also wit, sarcasm, excitement, being informative, and providing a bunch of cheat codes! Don’t be afraid to be candid while commenting on what it is you’re playing. People love raw reactions.

We’re highlighting PewDiePie as our favorite humorous gamer for this segment. With over 42 million subscribers and a niche for hilarious commentary of horror games, he has found incredible success. Along with keeping his channel organized, great quality images, candid commentary, and solid editing, he gives us two things to watch during his gaming (the game itself and a camera pointing at him to watch his facial expressions throughout it). It’s quite the element and helps to highlight his personality to his audience. Check out PewDiePie playing The Walking Dead: Michonne below!



You know we can’t end these segments without highlighting one of our own members! Our favorite CoPromote gamer is NextGenPhoenixGamerWith a focus on all 3 of the points above, he has also managed to incorporate Vine and create hilarious mix-ups of video gaming, anime, and his own quirky personality! Watch his video below and check out his YouTube channel to find the Vine mash-ups:



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Featured CoPromoter: YouTube Product Guru, Kristen Martinez

We interviewed Vlogger, Blogger, and CoPromoter Kristen Martinez about how she got started as a YouTube beauty/freebie guru and what it entails. Kristen is a 23 year old graphic designer with a niche for product reviews, how to get items for free, beauty tutorials, and more! Read more about Kristen below:
1) Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into Vlogging/Blogging?
Hello I’m Kristen and I have a Blog/Youtube Channel where I do product reviews, freebies, makeup tutorials and more! I love to teach people how to find and earn freebies and rewards online and it is what got me started into blogging and YouTubing!  I have a passion for beauty, hair, fashion,makeup and special FX makeup and love to do tutorial videos and beauty hauls!
2) How do you choose what to feature and what to discuss on your channel?
I like to feature products and sites that benefit my viewers and help them do more of what they love whether it’s learning a new look from a makeup tutorial or learning how to earn [freebies] online.. I love to help people and that is what my whole channel/blog is about all while having fun and doing the things I love too!

3) How do you promote your work?
I promote my work by putting up posts on my website, YouTube, and social media and I have made many friends online who share my passions and we share each others work. I also like to use CoPromote to get my posts to other like minded people who can share my work with their followers.
4) What advice would you give to people who want to start a blog/vlog?
The best advice I have for people wanting to start their own blog or youtube channel is to just do it. Just start somewhere! Before I started I didn’t know a lot and was worried my videos and posts would not be as good as others that were more popular but we all have to start somewhere and I have learned a lot along the way. Start where you are and you will improve in time!

5) Have you found any other bloggers/vloggers through CoPromote whose work you currently follow?
I have found many great bloggers on CoPromote one of my favorites is LaVieEnMay who has a great style and beauty blog!
Make sure to subscribe to Kristen‘s channel on YouTube, and follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
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Favorite Shopping Buttons

CoPromote’s Favorite Social Network “Buy” Buttons

Given our global weirding, the weather outside may or not be frightful. Regardless of climate conditions, however, shopping from home is always delightful – particularly if you’re a last-minute giver.

There are plenty of shopping apps to choose from, but to help you stuff everyone’s Christmas stockings in time and with care, we’ve rounded up a quick list of our favorite social network Buy buttons. Best of all, they’re mobile-friendly so you can shop from anywhere or while you comment on everyone’s holiday photos. This way, everyone wins, whether you bought their gifts months ago or a drone dropped them down the chimney the night before. In the end, it’s the thought that matters, not how the thought made it under the tree!


Facebook Buy Button



Pinterest Buy Button


Instagram Buy Button


Twitter Buy Button

Google Search/YouTube

Google Search Buy Button

YouTube Buy Button


Tumblr Buy Button