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The 5 Best Snapchat Updates To Use

The Snapchat 2.0 update is live and direct! Although there are constant Snapchat updates (more specifically with their lenses), Snapchat 2.0 has added many features to help broaden the dynamics of the app itself. We at CoPromote have made a list below of our five favorite updates!

1) Lenses: Old and New

The first step to these lenses, is knowing how to access them.

  1. Place the camera on selfie-mode.
  2. Tap on your face and hold until a white outline of your face appears, then release.
  3. At the bottom of the screen, a list of lenses will appear and as you scroll left at the bottom more lenses should appear.
  4. Once you press on one…magic happens.

The same Snapchat lenses used to be available on a day-to-day basis. Then Snapchat introduced the idea of selling the lenses to users. NOW, we get a new lens every day! Don’t worry, if you bought a lens it will always be available to you.

2) Video & Audio Notes

Video notes now let you record 10 seconds of video that loop when your friend watches your message!

Audio notes let you record audio to respond to Snapchatters when you don’t necessarily feel like typing or sending video notes. As a bonus, there are also 100 reaction stickers unique to Snapchat!

3) Video Chats/Voice calls

Watch out WhatsApp! Snapchat has arrived. You are now able to make a phone call (voice call) or video call (video chat) to people within your Snapchat network. If a friend video calls you, you have the option to either watch or join. While watching the other person, they cannot see or hear you but you can send them text responses.

The same applies to voice calls. You have the option to either listen to or join in on the conversation, while always having text responses available to you.

Jorge Snap 2

Open a conversation with a friend on Snapchat (or begin one), and once you tap on the message box you will see five icons appear. The second icon is the “Voice Call” button, and the fourth icon is the “Video Chat” button. Try it out and see how it works for you!

4) Sending multiple photos in Chat 2.0 at once

There is no longer a single photo limit to the amount of pictures you can send! When sending a snap, click on the photo icon on the far left. You may select up to 10 photos to send. There’s no limit to a snap.

Jorge Snap

5) Sending photos during video and audio calls

We had to test this option out as soon as we read about it because, for some reason, we didn’t believe it. Lo and behold, it worked! If you are connected to a WiFi network and you’re on a phone call, you can go straight to your Snapchat and snap away. You won’t even have to put your friend on hold while you snap.

There you have it. CoPromote’s five favorite Snapchat updates. Follow us on Snapchat for our latest snaps and stories!

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3 Instagram Updates You Should Be Aware Of-2

3 Instagram Updates You Should Know About

Instagram launched on October 6th, 2010 and has accumulated over 400 million users in the past 5 1/2 years. The success is legendary – within its first two months of being active, it had 1 million active users. Since its launch, however, Instagram has undergone several changes and updates.

Below, we’ve listed three new updates that Instagram has announced or made live within the last two months you should know about.


New Algorithm


The social web was in a frenzy when everyone found out Instagram’s algorithm would alter the way posts show up on your timeline. Instead of showing you posts in a timed chronological order, Instagram will begin to show the most popular posts at the top of each feed. Don’t fret, it will not be implemented for months and they are asking for feedback on why they should or shouldn’t go live with this update. If you oppose it, voice your opinion. If you don’t, you just might see the change you’re looking forward to.

This announcement resulted in people making infographics pointing to the top righthand corner of each post (towards the settings button) stating “Turn on Notifications”, “Turn Me On”, and more. Turning on notifications for specific people will alert your phone every time they post a photo/video on instagram. Turn them on at your own risk.


15 Seconds to 60 Seconds

Instagram has announced that they will be extending the length of a video post from 15-second clips to clips that are one minute long. They stated that video views have increased by 40 percent in the last 6 months in their blog post.

They have already begun rolling out this update. Along with extending the length of video time, they will allow iOS users to clip video footage together through your camera roll. Get ready for more camera time, and getting to know those you follow a bit more intimately :)


Account Switching



In early February, Instagram announced that account switching was available as part of Instagram version 7.15 for iOS and Android. I want to thank Instagram personally for making this option available.

This makes managing several accounts much easier, being available with just one tap instead of having to continuously sign out and sign back in! This is definitely one feature that will be used frequently.

To make this feature available: “Go to your profile settings to add an additional account. From there, tap your username at the top of your profile to switch between accounts. Once you have multiple accounts added, you’ll see your profile photo appear in places throughout the app so you can always tell which one you’re using at the moment.” – Instagram

Aside from the updates, here’s a fun fact: Instagram was made in 8 weeks! Enjoy this great infographic timeline below by Anna Vital.


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CoPromote Updates Promotion Requests With Rich Media Previews

Today we launched an improved promotion request queue featuring rich media to better display the posts our members are being asked to share.

Rich media posts tend to perform better on social networks, and we hope this update will not only encourage our community to create more media rich posts, but also enable our community to share posts that their friends and followers will find more interesting.

In addition to previewing the media you are sharing, you can also see the categories for this promotion, and who is sharing each post already.

The update is live now, so Log in to CoPromote and check your Pending Requests to check it out.



Best & Most Performing Promos

Headliner’s New My Promotions Screen

Say “Hello” to the new My Promotions screen! Using your feedback, we’ve made easier to track the performance of your Headliner promotions. The goal is to help you identify what is working best so you can optimize your mix of message and targets for reaching new fans. Thanks again for all of your input via live chat, email, and on our social networks. We always keep your ideas and suggestions in mind, so keep them coming!

Summary Tab
Monitor the Reach, Recommendations and Engagements for your live promotions with a quick glance at this chart.  As before, clicking on a point of the chart will display additional analytics for that promotion.
Each row represents basic stats: time left for others to accept, percentage of the promotion that has been posted to profiles so far, how many recommendations, reach and engagement.  Click “Analytics” for additional information.

All Promotions Tab
Here you can sort all of your promotions by Best Performing, Most Recommended, Most Reached, Most Engaged and Most Recent. Depending on your goal, you can use this information to create more effective promotion messages!
How do you determine Best Performing?
We use an algorithm that accounts for three things: 1)  Your Acceptance Rate (impressions vs. acceptances); 2) Reach (total shares); and 3) Engagement Rate (clicks, likes, shares, etc.).
How do you rate Best Performing Promotions?
Each promotion is rated with 1-5 stars, 5 being the best.  The average performing promotion on Headliner is 3 stars. The rating system will help you understand how each promotion is doing, and how you compare with other Headliner users overall.

Promotion Details
Keep track of the criteria you selected when you set up your promotion, for example: targeted genres, additional artists, specific networks, dates selected, etc. Keep this information in mind, as they can help you determine how many Band Bucks you are potentially spending.
Where is the Artist Status Chart?
In the Promotion Status box, click on the blue View All link to see their status.
Where is the Withdrawing Link?
At the bottom of Promotion Details you will find a large red button. Click on that to stop the promotion.
That’s all for now! As always, if you have any questions or suggestions contact us.