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3 Instagram Updates You Should Know About

Instagram launched on October 6th, 2010 and has accumulated over 400 million users in the past 5 1/2 years. The success is legendary – within its first two months of being active, it had 1 million active users. Since its launch, however, Instagram has undergone several changes and updates.

Below, we’ve listed three new updates that Instagram has announced or made live within the last two months you should know about.


New Algorithm


The social web was in a frenzy when everyone found out Instagram’s algorithm would alter the way posts show up on your timeline. Instead of showing you posts in a timed chronological order, Instagram will begin to show the most popular posts at the top of each feed. Don’t fret, it will not be implemented for months and they are asking for feedback on why they should or shouldn’t go live with this update. If you oppose it, voice your opinion. If you don’t, you just might see the change you’re looking forward to.

This announcement resulted in people making infographics pointing to the top righthand corner of each post (towards the settings button) stating “Turn on Notifications”, “Turn Me On”, and more. Turning on notifications for specific people will alert your phone every time they post a photo/video on instagram. Turn them on at your own risk.


15 Seconds to 60 Seconds

Instagram has announced that they will be extending the length of a video post from 15-second clips to clips that are one minute long. They stated that video views have increased by 40 percent in the last 6 months in their blog post.

They have already begun rolling out this update. Along with extending the length of video time, they will allow iOS users to clip video footage together through your camera roll. Get ready for more camera time, and getting to know those you follow a bit more intimately 🙂


Account Switching



In early February, Instagram announced that account switching was available as part of Instagram version 7.15 for iOS and Android. I want to thank Instagram personally for making this option available.

This makes managing several accounts much easier, being available with just one tap instead of having to continuously sign out and sign back in! This is definitely one feature that will be used frequently.

To make this feature available: “Go to your profile settings to add an additional account. From there, tap your username at the top of your profile to switch between accounts. Once you have multiple accounts added, you’ll see your profile photo appear in places throughout the app so you can always tell which one you’re using at the moment.” – Instagram

Aside from the updates, here’s a fun fact: Instagram was made in 8 weeks! Enjoy this great infographic timeline below by Anna Vital.


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3 YouTube Gaming Channel Tips

Gaming is an industry that has grown and developed into a career for those who are able to capitalize on it. Forbes stated that “online gaming or iGaming as it has been called has grown into a multi-billion dollar business, particularly in Europe. In the past online gaming used to mainly attract younger men, but that demographic group has expanded to include both women and older age groups.” Below, we’ve gathered a list of 3 YouTube gaming channel tips to maximize the engagement on your videos!

1) Good quality videos & channel

The cover of your channel, along with the cover of each of your videos should be a high-res image. The better the quality of the image, the more traction you will gain. It is also extremely important that your video is good quality as well (no taping your gaming sessions with your smartphone and uploading directly to YouTube!).

For this segment, we highlight YouTuber Gamematics. Their channel is geared towards playing each hot new game, and creating a movie-like experience out of the game. Each player is narrating the verbiage on the screen as though they are acting out each scenario. They include screaming, sound effects, and much more to provide a thematic experience. Not to mention, their channel is impeccably laid out. Their header, cover images, and video quality is flawless. Check out their recent Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 – Game Movie below.


2) Great Editing

Editing is key. If you can get the right video footage of your game paired up with the proper commentary…you WIN! Making sure what you’re talking about is on the screen that’s presented to your audience, along with capturing some alluring footage of whichever game you’re playing can help you gain a mass following. Editing is just as important as the quality of the videos!

With over 3 million subscribers, a main cast of 6, and an additional rotating team of cast members, The Achievement Hunters have quality editing down pat! They’ve included an intro with a storyline highlighting the cast members and their mission prior to gaming, along with including background music in and out of the session. Check out this video of them playing GTA V below!


3) Personality & Humor

Let your personality SHINE! Humor is one trait that seems to reign supreme in the gaming community. Humor is not the only way to win an audience’s heart; there’s also wit, sarcasm, excitement, being informative, and providing a bunch of cheat codes! Don’t be afraid to be candid while commenting on what it is you’re playing. People love raw reactions.

We’re highlighting PewDiePie as our favorite humorous gamer for this segment. With over 42 million subscribers and a niche for hilarious commentary of horror games, he has found incredible success. Along with keeping his channel organized, great quality images, candid commentary, and solid editing, he gives us two things to watch during his gaming (the game itself and a camera pointing at him to watch his facial expressions throughout it). It’s quite the element and helps to highlight his personality to his audience. Check out PewDiePie playing The Walking Dead: Michonne below!



You know we can’t end these segments without highlighting one of our own members! Our favorite CoPromote gamer is NextGenPhoenixGamerWith a focus on all 3 of the points above, he has also managed to incorporate Vine and create hilarious mix-ups of video gaming, anime, and his own quirky personality! Watch his video below and check out his YouTube channel to find the Vine mash-ups:



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Featured CoPromoter: YouTube Product Guru, Kristen Martinez

We interviewed Vlogger, Blogger, and CoPromoter Kristen Martinez about how she got started as a YouTube beauty/freebie guru and what it entails. Kristen is a 23 year old graphic designer with a niche for product reviews, how to get items for free, beauty tutorials, and more! Read more about Kristen below:
1) Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into Vlogging/Blogging?
Hello I’m Kristen and I have a Blog/Youtube Channel where I do product reviews, freebies, makeup tutorials and more! I love to teach people how to find and earn freebies and rewards online and it is what got me started into blogging and YouTubing!  I have a passion for beauty, hair, fashion,makeup and special FX makeup and love to do tutorial videos and beauty hauls!
2) How do you choose what to feature and what to discuss on your channel?
I like to feature products and sites that benefit my viewers and help them do more of what they love whether it’s learning a new look from a makeup tutorial or learning how to earn [freebies] online.. I love to help people and that is what my whole channel/blog is about all while having fun and doing the things I love too!

3) How do you promote your work?
I promote my work by putting up posts on my website, YouTube, and social media and I have made many friends online who share my passions and we share each others work. I also like to use CoPromote to get my posts to other like minded people who can share my work with their followers.
4) What advice would you give to people who want to start a blog/vlog?
The best advice I have for people wanting to start their own blog or youtube channel is to just do it. Just start somewhere! Before I started I didn’t know a lot and was worried my videos and posts would not be as good as others that were more popular but we all have to start somewhere and I have learned a lot along the way. Start where you are and you will improve in time!

5) Have you found any other bloggers/vloggers through CoPromote whose work you currently follow?
I have found many great bloggers on CoPromote one of my favorites is LaVieEnMay who has a great style and beauty blog!
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5 Best Ways To Use Soundcloud: An Artist’s Guide

5 ways to use soundcloud to your advantage


Do you remember the Twitter poll we posted last week?

Here’s why: many of our CoPromote members are musicians. Of those musicians, a fair amount of them are up and coming and/or establishing themselves as artists. When utilizing all the different music streaming sites and apps, it can be difficult to navigate them and promote yourself properly.

In the first of our series on making the most of music platforms, we are focusing on Soundcloud, which got the most votes. Enjoy!





Soundcloud’s platform is home to over 250 million users, listeners and musicians combined. There’s a plethora of music being placed on and pushed through the system, yet many are unaware of the intricacies the platform provides to promote their work properly.

Here’s how to utilize Soundcloud to your optimal advantage.

1) Make Your Profile Identifiable

  • Try to use the same url/profile name (artist/band name) as you do for all of your other social networks.
  • Link all of your social networks to your Soundcloud profile page.
  • Fill out your bio and contact info as specific as possible. Also, USE A PROFILE PICTURE!

Bio, Info


2) Fill Out Your Bio And Contact Info

  • Listeners, fellow musicians, and people with opportunities/endeavors want to know who you are and how they can get in contact with you.
  • Make your bio short and concise. (50-250 words)

3) Post Your Best Work

  • Post music with the best quality (sound, arrangement, mixed & mastered). Along with the music, the packaging should reflect the quality of it. Cover art is the first thing anyone sees before they press play…captivate your audience before they’ve even listened to you.


  • Do not post work that is in progress! We repeat, do not post music that is still in progress! Users want to go to your page to hear what you have to offer and if you have music posted that is halfway finished it will give the listener the wrong impression.
  • Try not to upload all of your work. It’s very hard to navigate through a cluttered Soundcloud page. Most will land on an artist’s page and listen to one or two tracks (depending on their attention span) and stay or leave based on what they hear. Try to keep all of your best work on your Soundcloud page for this alone. You want the listener to stay engaged and this is the best way for you to leave an impact on them.


4) Label Your Music Properly

  • Make sure your artist name, song title, and album title are all accurate and in sync with the music you have been promoting/distributing.
  • Whether you are an artist that places yourself in one genre or an artist that hates to box yourself into genres, genres are great identification factors for the average listener.

Tags 1



You want to do this, because Soundcloud has an explore function, which indexes all the ‘trending’ tracks within a particular genre.  Soundcloud’s only way to define the genre is through the keywords, and the first one that’s embedded in the player, is often the most valuable in determining that. Alternatively, the platform’s search function browses through keywords as well, so if you search for ‘electro’, it’ll find tracks who have that word embedded in its title, keywords and lastly description.”

– Paul Resnikoff (Digital Music News)

  • If you can label your music in the genre(s) you see fit, the listeners that search within that genre will be more apt to find and listen to your music.


5) Use It!

  • Log in and interact with others and their music. Find music you like and comment on it. When commenting, avoid using the same basic “I like your music.” or “Love it.” post. Personalize it and tell them exactly what it was that you appreciated about the record. This will drive engagement and make you visible to the artist.
  • Address any positive comments left on your music. This will leave a positive impression on your listener and they will more than likely return to your page for more!

  • Check your stats! Whether you have a free or pro account, you can attain your overall stats (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.). This will help you gage what tracks listeners listened to most at the basic level. With a pro account, you get that along with who listened, where your listeners are from (by city and country), and what website/apps the listeners came from.
  • Avoid soliciting! That goes for comments, messages, social media posts with your link embedded, etc. Many do not respond well to hecklers.


  • Create Playlists – they can be embedded, shared, and give people a greater sense of your sound.

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3 Free Sites To Create Infographics

3 free sites to create infographics

We’ve been stressing how important it is to utilize visuals and images for social media posts in order to gain the most traction. What we’ve failed to do is show you where to look to create them. Shame on us.

If you cannot afford a graphic designer in your budget, these three sites will help you design the images yourself…for free!


1) Canva

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 8.13.25 PM


  • Free
  • Numerous Social Media & Layout Templates for Design Projects (Infographics, Banners, Ads, Presentations, etc.)
  • Vast Number of Images to Use
  • Easy to Navigate

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 11.48.32 AM


  • Pay for Better Stock Images
  • Pay for Better Templates
  • No Charts Available (Must Upload Your Own)


2) Easel.ly



  • Free
  • Design is Primarily Focused on Infographics
  • Basic Layouts (Easier to Utilize)
  • Charts



  • Limited Themes
  • Limited Image Options


3) Visme



  • Free
  • Discounts For Students & Teachers
  • Numerous Social Media & Layout Templates for Design Projects (Infographics, Banners, Ads, Presentations, etc.)
  • Charting/Charts
  • Vast Number of Images/Icons to Use
  • Upload YouTube Videos Into Layouts



  • Limited to 3 Projects with Free Version
  • Limited Chart Access