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Top 5 Ways To Engage On Twitter

Do you ever find yourself frustrated finding new ways to engage with others on Twitter?  Don’t worry, we’ve got the top 5 ways to improve your Twitter engagement and make tweeting more enjoyable for you.


Top 5 Ways To Engage On Twitter

These tips will help in building your following, driving up your brand’s presence, and being concise with the points you are want to get across.

Do you have any tips that work for you that are not on our list? Let us know!

Search For Posts and Creators by Keyword or Interest!

You wanted a better way to find posts and creators.

Today, we have updated the dashboard with a bigger Search bar and added the ability to search for posts and creators by keyword or interest. You can also toggle in the sidebar to filter results by social network.

If a member’s post is disabled because they don’t have enough Reach, add them to your CoPromote network so you don’t miss any of their posts in the future. Members who share your posts once are more likely to share your posts again, so building your network is a great way to scale your reach quickly through fellow CoPromoters you trust and your followers enjoy.

Search for Posts:

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Search for Creators:

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The Do’s and The Don’ts of Boosting on CoPromote

dos-and-dontsCoPromote has always been an open platform where creators can connect, collaborate, and reach each other’s audiences. We are also an opt-in community, where members choose the content they wish to tell their followers about.

To help you get the most out of CoPromote, we’ve outlined The Do’s and The Don’ts of Boosting below.


  1. Have a clear objective and target metrics to measure your success.
  • Are you boosting this post to connect with similar creators? If your goal is to scale your network, your target metric on CoPromote is Shares.
  • Are you boosting this post to reach new audiences? If your goal is maximum exposure for your content, your target metric on CoPromote is Reach.
  • Are you boosting this post to build buzz around your work? If your goal is increasing awareness, your metric on CoPromote is Engagements.
  1. Set up your posts correctly before you boost them.
  • Have complete profiles on social networks so people can easily see who you are and what they’re supporting.
  • Make sure your name and avatar are easy to understand
  • Mention others involved in creating your content by name to get their attention
  • Have a link directing traffic to your site where people can find out more about you and your content.
  • Include a hashtag or keyword that will help make your content easier to find once it’s posted.
  • Write clearly, avoid ALL CAPS and go easy on the hype.
  1. Pick the best category, not every category.
  • The more similar creators are to you, the more likely they are to share your boost.
  • The better the content, the higher your chances are of engaging and connecting with new creators and followers.
  • Posts that are targeted irrelevantly will be rejected by other members and the moderation process.
  • By sharing your posts, members are allowing you access to their followers. Honor their generosity by only targeting them with relevant content.
  1. If you’re a new and free member, make sure to share someone else’s post to activate your boost.
  • By sharing you will earn Reach credits that you can use to boost your own posts.
  • Sharing will connect you to similar members willing to support you.
  • Members who support you once are over 90% more likely to share your post again.
  • Sharing tells the algorithm what you want to see more, or less. The more you share the good stuff, the more it will become available for more members to share.


  1. Boost any posts that are not clearly written, compelling, informative, inspiring or entertaining.
  • Posts that confuse members are more likely to be rejected or overlooked without being shared.
  • Posts that are overly promotional or full of hype are also likely to be overlooked, flagged or reported.
  1. Over-select categories.
  • Targeting audiences that are not relevant to your content will result in your account being flagged or blocked and your posts being rejected.
  • Selecting irrelevant categories repeatedly can result in your account being closed.
  1. Share other members’ posts if they’re not a good fit for your followers.
  • Every time you share, you tell our system to show you and others more of this content. If it’s bad or irrelevant content, it creates a negative experience for the community by making bad content more available to everyone else.
  1. Share posts that can be seen as
  • Spam or Click-bait
  • Schemes
  • Overly promotional
  • Selling Followers
  • Generated by bots
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • SEO keyword-heavy
  • Illegal activities
  • Adult Content

Question? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you out!

– Jorge, Moha & the CoPromote crew

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CoPromote Community Guidelines


CoPromote was built for creators by creators. Before you share via CoPromote ask yourself if your content is: informative, inspiring, entertaining, visually appealing, or compelling, and well-presented.

We are all on social media to promote our creations – a song, a blogpost, a book. Just as you wouldn’t ask someone to follow you without giving them a reason, don’t simply tell people to listen to your song, or read your blogpost – show them why and give them a reason to share it.
Remember: you are asking for space on someone’s timeline, where they engage with their friends and followers, manage their reputations, and grow their brands or businesses. Make your request worth their generosity and you will succeed – not just on CoPromote but in social media as well. Not sure if your content is a good fit? Check out our Featured CoPromoters and see how they’re doing it right. Or just reach out and we’ll gladly check for you.

Content You Can Share on CoPromote

  • Music – songs, mixes, demos
  • Podcasts: talk shows, spoken word
  • Photos, Videos, and Animation – art, humor/pranks, How-To, DIY, beauty, fashion, Vines, GIFs, graphic design, illustrations
  • Books: Novels, Short stories, self-published fiction, comics and graphic novels, essays, blog posts, critical reviews, think pieces
  • Causes: information about charities, non-profits, NGOs, crowd-funding, social awareness
  • Health & Well-being: training tips, lifestyle coaching, diet/cooking tips, psychological services
  • Entertainment or educational websites
  • Apps and Games
  • News, Finance, and Politics

Content You Should Not Share on CoPromote:

  • Spam, phishing, pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes, get rich quick offers
  • Direct or affiliate sales, sales landing pages
  • Selling guaranteed/fake followers
  • Diet pills, male enhancement and other questionable health products
  • Content that promotes hate, violence, or discrimination
  • Black hat content that is loaded with SEO keywords and aimed at search engines and not human readers
  • Content from bots, or accounts with excessive fake followers or low engagement
  • Adult/NSWF/XXX content (CoPromote is open to everyone over 13.)
  • Illegal activity
  • Content deemed inappropriate by the CoPromote staff or community

Questions? Get in touch with Jorge, Moha, & the team: community@copromote.com


Product Update: Tumblr Picker

Great news Tumblr fans: if you have more than one Tumblr, CoPromote has added a page picker to make it easier for you to switch between your accounts.

Here’s an example. Let us know if you have any questions.