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How To Target Your Boosted Posts In 3 Steps Using CoPromote’s Updated Categories

When CoPromote launched as music app Headliner.fm, targeting was easy: everyone was a musician, so targeting was simply a matter of choosing a genre that fit.

When CoPromote grew to include all content creators – bloggers, app developers, small businesses – it became necessary to update our categories to help a more diverse community better target its boosted posts.

Why is proper targeting important to CoPromote’s community?

CoPromote uses its own algorithm Affinity Rank™ to match people based on interests, so the more you focus your profile and your target audience, the better your results will be. Choosing random, irrelevant, or too many categories will feed our algorithm incorrect information, disrupt the matching process for everyone, and lead to rejections, bad results, complaints, your profile being blocked, or your account being closed.

Below is a list and preview of the updated categories, subcategories, and how to use them when you boost a post. To drill down to a subcategory, just click on the main group to flip the panel.

Main Categories

  • Music                              
  • Fashion & Beauty              
  • News & Politics
  • Entertainment & Media        
  • Lifestyle, Home & Travel      
  • Sports
  • Gaming                            
  • Food & Drinks                
  • Science & Technology Business & Finance
  • Spiritual, Charity & Education    
  • Art, Photography & Design

Preview of Subcategories.  To see all of the subcategories, click HERE. 


How to target audiences using the new categories.

1) After you boost a post with a link from any of your social pages Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr you will see the screen below: boost a post top categories

2) Once a category is chosen, you will be prompted to choose your subcategories so that we can target your audience better.

boost a post sub categories

3) You can choose up to three relevant categories so that you will be matched with a larger pool of CoPromoters. You can also adjust your categories and interests under Account Settings in the main Profile tab.

user settings category selector user settings

CoPromote Launches Improved Targeting Options!

You asked us to make who you share your promotions with easier and more effective. So we listened!

Starting today, in addition to selecting social networks, schedule, duration, and specific members, you can also choose all interests – not just your own.

This will improve not only who receives your promotions and your targeted audience reach, but also the promotion requests that you receive in return.

Improved Promotion Targeting


Log in (or sign up) and try it out!