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Top Fashion & Beauty CoPromoters

Fashion & beauty have been an aspect of the internet with its own massive followings and influencers. Within such a large community, it can be difficult to establish yourself and reach fellow fashionistas. CoPromote makes it easy for individuals to further define their audience and find like minded bloggers. Here is a list of the Top 5 Best Fashion and Beauty Creators on CoPromote.

1. Tarnya
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Blog: http://www.sweetallure.co.uk/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sweet_allure

2. Mittyra

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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/mityrraa
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mityrraa

3. Allie

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Blog: https://glamourandgloss.wordpress.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/glamour_gloss

4. Esther

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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy6E7Hxfu4r58Wf_NJSlDKg
Twitter: https://twitter.com/VioletBlu

5. Simone

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Blog: http://simplybysimone.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SIMPLYBYSIMONE

What Happened to Facebook on CoPromote?

What’s Happening?

Our old Facebook integration was not providing the best experience for our creators. We think you deserve the best. We will be removing Facebook until our new integration with Facebook is complete.


We are working on a better way to optimize Facebook for creators , especially Youtubers and other video creators.

What do we do in the meantime?

You can still direct traffic to your Facebook page via Twitter, Tumblr and Youtube. We are happy to help. Get in touch via email, phone, social media or look for our live chat support during business hours, Eastern Standard Time. 

 Big picture.

We know many of our you like cross-posting on Facebook, and we’re sorry about the inconvenience. CoPromote was built to help creators reach new audiences easily.  A lot of our community’s best content is being generated in video and animated formats. In that spirit, we are working with Facebook on a new, better integration for our creator community. We are also working on adding exciting networks like Vine, Instagram, and more.

Stay tuned for details. As always, feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback.

Want to find posts from the people you follow? Now you can!

Want to find and share content from people you follow on CoPromote? Now you can with our added tab on the left hand side.


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On the Share page, we have further optimized a way to see shareable content for you.

CoPromoters you follow will show you content from the people you follow on your network so you get the best selection suited for you.

It’s even easier to cross promote and find content will like! Happy sharing!

Product Update: Find Your Favorite CoPromoters!

Great news, CoPromoters!

You asked for a way to find your favorite users, and now you got it: Find Users is now live on desktop. Search by account name or brand and add them to your network. Click the Follow button to add them to your network. Once they’re in your network, you will see all their boosted posts in your share queue. If we can’t find a direct match, we’ll suggest similar members that could help spread your content.

Still can’t find someone you thought would be on CoPromote? Invite them! The larger your network, the farther your content goes. Plus, cross-promotion is better with friends and people who support your content. With our new search feature, finding them is a snap!


Featured CoPromoter of the Week: Menswear Blogger Style Society Guy

Over the past few years, street style blogs have popped up all over the internet. While ladies fashion has always dominated the headlines, there is a whole community of men’s fashion bloggers who wear equally as appealing outfits. Jamal from Style Society Guy is one such individual, showcasing his personality through the color of his brogues or the cut of his blazer. Besides being an incredibly well dressed man, Jamal is also a great CoPromoter, activity sharing and boosting  content. We got in touch with Jamal to discuss menswear and gives us some style advice. Check out the chat below!


1. What kind of creator are you?
I am a menswear content creator. But not just limited to clothes–its a whole lifestyle. Grooming, travel, food, home, living its all found in #menswear

2. What inspires your style?
Mostly positive interactions I see on the street. Just last week I saw a group of waiters outside of a restaurant laughing and joking. Apart from having fun they looked so damn cool in the black and white striped aprons! Now I am on a hunt for black and white stripes. Its more of the moment than the event for me. Link here 

3. How do you use CoPromote?
I use CoPromote to keep the interaction going with my blog and social media. As a one man team, it’s extremely hard to keep up with my sites content and social media content. With CoPromote I know that my content will be shared and interested readers will click through.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 1.11.49 PM

4. Do you have any tips men could use to up their style game?
Yes! If you are not a huge blazer fan or can not find any in your price range there are several alternatives. Buy a denim jacket and pair it with a knit tie and tailored chinos. A lot of guys feel they have to wear a blazer everyday. You don’t–you just have to be tailored and you can still be dapper.

-Denim jacket
-Knit tie
-Slim chinos
-Dub monks or dress shoe

5. What is your favorite outfit you’ve worn on your blog?

Has to be this royal blue suit, with blue and yellow tassels slippers. Sans tie and socks, haha. http://www.stylesocietyguy.com/the-royal-suit-for-springsummer-15/

Check out Style Society Guy! Follow him on CoPromote.