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Headliner’s New Automatic Link Shortener is Live!

Good news, Headliner members.

In order to make the promotion creation process easier, we’ve integrated the URL shortener with the message creation box. Now, instead of writing your promotional message in one box and using a separate box to manually shorten your link, all you have to do is include your link with the rest of the message and we will shorten it for you!

We will still track the performance of the link as always. But we sincerely hope that this will make it easier and faster for you to create promotions.  If you want to be sure the link is correct, simply copy and paste it into a new tab or window in your browser.  If you’re not happy with your message or want to use a different link, you can edit your message before you click “Start Promotion.”

Feel free to reach out with comments and questions. We’ll be happy to help.

New Message Box with Integrated URL Shortener