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Most Active Sharing Days on CoPromote

Most creators spend the majority their time creating. Many have day jobs. Others are not always that active on social media.

For whatever reason, CoPromote members tend to share more on particular days. Check the chart below to help you plan your boosts more effectively.
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Most Active Sharing Times on CoPromote

CoPromote has an international audience of creators that are up at all hours of the night. Below are the times when most of the sharing activity happens on CoPromote.

Knowing when people are most actively sharing can help you time your boosting, or at least know when to expect shares to post. These times are based on Eastern Standard Time, so adjust accordingly for your location.

The sweet spot? 8:00AM-1:00PM EST.

Introducing our new Follow button!

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CoPromote was built to help like-minded creators share similar content with each other’s audiences. Our custom algorithm matches people based on interests, media types, and other data from social profiles. To enhance matching, today we are adding a Follow button to member profiles and launching My Network.

The Follow button will be visible on every member’s avatar wherever it appears on our platform. Clicking on the Follow button will add them to your network, and their posts to your share queue.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 6.30.27 PM

Building your network is a great way to add more of the content you like to your share queue. The more people you follow, the easier it is to share more posts you like. The more you share, the further your own boosts will reach.

How Do I Use My Network?
* To add someone to your network and follow their posts: Hover over their avatar and click Follow.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 4.36.43 PM
* To manage your network and see who’s in it: Look for the sidebar on the Track page.

Follow Network Detail

Why did we add My Network?
You wanted an easy way to find more creators and share more content you liked!

Questions, feedback? Get in touch!

Come and Get It: Real-time Posting & 10 Shares Per Day Upgrade!

Great news:

Real-time posting is live – plus, you can now share up to 10 posts per day!

Real Time JPG1

What does this mean?
If you’re boosting, you will see your posts on other members’ Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr pages as soon as they agree to share it. If you’re sharing, you will be able to share up to 10 posts per day, instantly.

Why the change?
We used to schedule 3 posts per day per member. This limited options for members who share real-time content, as well as for members who want to share more than 3 times per day.

How Will This Improve CoPromote?
Fresher content, more of it, and immediate posting mean that you can scale your social reach even faster.

To see the difference, log in and boost a post now.

Mobile Metrics: Twitter Alone vs Twitter + CoPromote

We can tell you how cross-promotion is the best way to reach new followers. We can talk about “the power of many” until the internet actually breaks. Or, we can let the data speak for itself.

Today, Twitter announced an update that lets you track engagements on their iOS app. The data’s message couldn’t be clearer: Dedicated sharing scales reach!

Now, when you boost a Tweet through CoPromote, you can easily compare the improvement between Tweeting on your own versus boosting through CoPromote’s community of content creators dedicated to sharing.

Don’t take our word for it. Boost a tweet and see for yourself.

Thanks, Twitter!

On the left, CoPromote metrics; on the right, Twitter metrics.

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 5.06.03 PM