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Search For Posts and Creators by Keyword or Interest!

You wanted a better way to find posts and creators.

Today, we have updated the dashboard with a bigger Search bar and added the ability to search for posts and creators by keyword or interest. You can also toggle in the sidebar to filter results by social network.

Once you find topics of interests, you can share the posts or add those CoPromoters to your CoPromote network. Once they’re in your network, you will see all of their future boosts.

Members who share your posts once are more likely to share your posts again, so building your network is a great way to scale your reach quickly through fellow CoPromoters you trust and your followers enjoy.

If a member’s post is disabled, it could be due to various reasons – they don’t have enough Reach, you’re not on the same networks, or they’ve withdrawn the post. To see all the reasons, check here: https://blog.copromote.com/faq/why-is-the-share-button-disabled.

Search for Posts:

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Search for Creators:

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Add Creators to Your Network:

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Try it out!

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Product Update: Find Your Favorite CoPromoters!

Great news, CoPromoters!

You asked for a way to find your favorite users, and now you got it: Find Users is now live on desktop. Search by account name or brand and add them to your network. Click the Follow button to add them to your network. Once they’re in your network, you will see all their boosted posts in your share queue. If we can’t find a direct match, we’ll suggest similar members that could help spread your content.

Still can’t find someone you thought would be on CoPromote? Invite them! The larger your network, the farther your content goes. Plus, cross-promotion is better with friends and people who support your content. With our new search feature, finding them is a snap!


Google+ Pages and Bands = Search Results, Direct Connect

Billboard posted an article today on how bands can use Google + Pages to improve their presence on the social web and in search results. If you’re already on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and other networks, you may wonder how and why a Google + Page might help your band. Glenn Peoples makes a couple of good points. Not only are you likely to get better search results, but G+ is offering a feature called Direct Connect that will take users searching for a band directly to their page, making the process of finding and connecting with artists easy.

Via Billboard.biz:

“Google+ Pages has two things that its peers can’t match: Google’s dominance in search and a new feature called Direct Connect. Google says it will include Google+ pages in search results. That’s hardly a surprise, but what remains to be seen is how prominent Google+ pages will be in search results. 

Direct Connect will allow Google search users to immediately find a Google+ page by typing “+” followed by the page of interest. For example, typing “+ Pepsi” will take the searcher directly to Pepsi’s Google+ page without listing the search results. As a result, the consumer follows a shorter path to the brand or business’s page.”

There’s more at Billboard.biz and the Google blog.

Check the video below for an overview of Direct Connect.

Check out how to set up a Google + Page if you don’t already have one here