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How Headliner Facilitates Social Marketing’s Top Goal: Engagements

One of the biggest questions around marketing on social media is return on investment (ROI). Over the years, as social media marketing became the norm, the definition has shifted. According to a post in eMarketer recently, the top goal for social marketing at the moment is Consumer Engagement (tied with Brand Lift), followed by Influencing Consumer Behavior, Positive Statements, and then Increased Sales.

At Headliner, we have always believed that engagement makes all the difference. Every time someone shares your message in their status update, Headliner provides you a direct link to the post. Some of the most successful members of the Headliner community are those who take advantage of that link and make the time to follow up and engage the new audiences they are introduced to through our community. If you haven’t been following up on your Headliner recommendations, give a try – you might make some new friends in the process.

Via: eMarketer:

“In 2011, increasing sales was the No. 1 goal of social media marketing, embraced by 100% of respondents. In 2012, it dropped below 50%, as marketers reassessed their priorities. This year, they seem to be reaching equilibrium, as increasing sales was cited as a leading goal by 58%.”



Interesting Social Media Stats and Headliner’s Core Value

This video has collected some interesting social media stats (and is set to a funky soundtrack, so it’s not as dull as it sounds). We’ve highlighted a few of them and how they relate to Headliner’s core value.

For example:

  • 53% of people on Twitter recommend products in their Tweets
  • 90% of people trust online recommendations from people they know
  • Only 14% trust traditional TV advertisements

How can Headliner help you in light of these stats?

  • Headliner does one thing: recommendations. When you connect with our platform, you join a community of content creators who see the value in collaborative marketing and trading recommendations.
  • Headliner’s recommendations post directly on people’s news feeds and are transparent – meaning, they look like regular status updates. So, whether people are browsing on their desktops, laptops, tablets, or mobile devices, Headliner’s recommendations will always be visible to online audiences.
  • Headliner’s recommendations are not ads, they are curated endorsements from compatible content creators, and they only exist on social networks where trust is a key factor. Unlike with TV ads, most people trust their friends on social networks.

Click through to the post here for more interesting data, and consider how you can apply Headliner’s co-marketing platform to amplify your content online.

Headliner.fm Updates Facebook Connection

We have updated our Facebook connection. Please note a couple of changes below.

Karma Cash
As a content promoter, you will earn Karma Cash for Facebook Engagements (Clicks, Likes, Comments, Shares) instead of earning them for sharing posts. As a content creator, there is no change; you still have to compensate someone for reaching their fans, followers, and friends.

Social Networks
In order to have your content shared on a network, you need to have that network connected as well. As before, you will earn Karma Cash for connecting networks, and nothing posts without permission.

These updates will make every recommendation more valuable and create a more powerful community.

As always, please reach out with any questions.

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Headliner.fm CEO Mike More in VentureBeat: Facebook’s Timeline is a Good Thing

Headliner CEO Mike More recently wrote a guest blog post for Venture Beat on why Facebook’s new Timeline for brands is a good thing. While the change means many apps while have to adjust their business models, Mike thinks the end result will be more fan engagement, which is ultimately a good thing for everyone involved.

Read the full article here:

Why marketers should embrace Facebook’s new Timeline for brands


Headliner CEO Mike More on Facebook’s New Timeline for Brands

Timeline for brand and band pages is great news for bands. Overall it will make marketing better for bands and more relevant for music fans.

One of the big effects of the new timeline pages is a move away from tabbed application landing pages, which today are very popular, but do little to engage music fans. Lets face it, static landing pages are not that interesting.

 The new timeline format will make marketing on Facebook more natural and conversational. The timeline formant focuses attention around your stories or news feed items which is a dynamic experience and much more interesting for fans.

A major benefit of the new timeline pages is that it will remind bands to listen more to their fans and engage them in interesting conversations around music, the road and their daily lives. This, without a doubt, results in happier fans.

 Another new key timeline feature is that it lets bands see their most reactive news feed posts and share them with fans more broadly. This is key in spreading the word about your band, and, as many of you know, the best form of marketing.

And lastly but most importantly over 45% of your fans are checking you out on their mobile phones. The timeline will greatly increase your band’s reach while requiring less work. One status update and you’re done. This is much better than having to buy mobile ads in addition.

All in all, these changes require that bands become more conversational with their fans but this is a good thing, no? After all, the power of
 Facebook and Twitter is in you sharing your stories and music with the world.