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Headliner of the Day: Ray Molina

Some musicians have always known what they wanted to do and dreamt of it as far back as they can remember dreaming. Others find their way to it by sometimes unexpected paths. However you come to your musical awakening, chances are once you’re there, you can’t imagine being anywhere else. Today’s Headliner of the day is Southern California native, Ray Molina.


“During the past 5 years though I have lived in Helsinki, Finland, London, England and of course within SoCal. My career (sport scientist) took me to those places, but I have DJed for 14 years, and whilst in those places was fortunate to feel the culture of electronic dance music, especially the European side.

It was not till last year whilst living in London to get my Masters degree that I serendipitously polished my DJ skills and started getting my feet wet with production. This happened because the topic of my dissertation involved helping an established producer/DJ and A&R man improve his performance (thats a whole ‘nother story!). My research for my Masters degree helped polish my own personal DJ skills by being around the culture; upon my completion of my dissertation I began a blog and making mixes under the series, “Pirate Satellite”.

In March I will return to London, and I am in the works of confirming a VERY big date.”

Check out Ray’s beats at his links below, and keep an eye out for promotion requests from him. As he has already proven, Ray is a go-getter, and will go wherever he needs to in order to make his dreams a reality.

Ray Molina: