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CoPromote Updates Promotion Requests With Rich Media Previews

Today we launched an improved promotion request queue featuring rich media to better display the posts our members are being asked to share.

Rich media posts tend to perform better on social networks, and we hope this update will not only encourage our community to create more media rich posts, but also enable our community to share posts that their friends and followers will find more interesting.

In addition to previewing the media you are sharing, you can also see the categories for this promotion, and who is sharing each post already.

The update is live now, so Log in to CoPromote and check your Pending Requests to check it out.



Promotion Requests: How To Share Posts By Other CoPromoters

Promotion Requests are promotions by other members of the community who are asking to get their content shared (just like you!).

Accepting promotion requests means approving it to be shared to the social page (Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr) that you have connected to CoPromote. We encourage selective sharing so only recommend content that you are okay posting to your pages.

Q: What content am I being asked to share on my networks

A: The message in the box is the content you are being asked to share. To give you a sense of how it will look when it posts on your network, we have added your icon next to it. We ask members to include their names in their posts so that it is clear who owns the content. Please keep this in mind when you create your promotions on CoPromote.

Q: Is recommending Promotion Requests required to use CoPromote?

A: No, it’s not required but encouraged. Exchanging content on CoPromote earns you Karma Cash credits towards current or future promotions of your own. Only recommend content you are comfortable sharing to your networks as it will be publicly visible for anyone to see.

Q: Who is asking me to share their post?

A: In the upper left corner you will see the icon  and name of the person asking you to share their post on your networks.


Q: Where will this post be shared?

A: In the upper left corner, under the member name and icon, you will see the icon of the social network requested for that post. If you click “Recommend This”, that is the network where CoPromote will share your post.

New Request_Post to Network_Hover

Q: How long before this request expires?

A: In the upper right corner there is a time stamp. The time stamp tells you how many days before this request expires. If you don’t agree to share this post by the date in the time stamp, the request will disappear from your request list on that day.

Q: Why are the amounts earned for sharing different for some posts?

A: You earn Karma Cash based on how many of your fans a another member would like to reach. For Twitter and Tumblr, you earn Karma Cash by sharing. For Facebook, you earn Karma Cash only when people engage with the post. The more followers you have and the more they engage with your posts, the more you earn.

Q: What happens when I click “Recommend This”?

A: You will be shown a confirmation screen. This screen will include details about when and where the post will be shared. It also gives you a chance to review the message for any typos or other errors.

Confirm Window

A preview of posts you have agreed to share appears in a sidebar on the right.

New Requests_Scheduled Posts Preview_01

To see all the requests you have approved, click the “See All” button. A calendar will pop up showing you which posts will be shared on each day. There is a maximum of 3 posts per day.

Q: How do I decline a request?

A: If you wish to decline a request, you have two options: Decline this particular request and continue to receive future requests from this member; or, decline this and all future requests from this member.

New Requests_Decline

Q: Who else has agreed to share this post?

A: In the lower right corner you can see icons of members who have agreed to share this post. If you hover over their icons, you will see a snapshot of their profiles.


Q: Has this person shared my posts before?

A: In the lower left corner there is a share icon. Hover over the share icon to see how many times this member has shared your posts.

New Requests_Share_tag

Q: What interests and categories do I have in common with this member?

A: In the lower left corner you will also see a Tag icon. Hover over the tag icon to see the interests you have in common with this member.

New Requests_Interest_Tag

Q: What if I recommended something by accident or changed my mind?

A: It’s best to wait until the recommendation has posted. When it has posted, you can delete it, and the Karma Cash will be refunded back to the member. Another option is to disconnect your social page from CoPromote and then re-connect it later, however you will not be able to recommend new content.

Deleting a promotion that you shared will send you or a member who has deleted your posted promotion an email promotion deletion notification. CoPromote is about sharing recommendations. If those recommendations are not visible, it defeats the purpose and we do not believe you should “pay” for them.

We are often asked by members…

We are often asked by members, “What should I say about myself?”

Content creators don’t often ask themselves why anyone would be interested in their work. They are devoted, passionate and inspired about it and they believe that should be obvious and appealing to people.

In theory, this is true. But you have to think practically: your content, however awesome it is, is still competing for people’s attention in a very crowded, and easily distracted internet. Understanding how you can make your messages stand out and get people’s attention is essential to your marketing success.

With that in mind, here are some basic tips for helping you write a promotion message that will get the community to start sharing your content with their fans.

  • Media posts do better. Are you linking to a video, song, or image?
  • Engage your audience. Include details unique to you and your brand.
  • Increase your trust: add your Twitter ID or name to your message.
  • Create curiosity: use a title, a quote, or ask a question in your message.
  • Share reviews: endorsements from people who like your product are the best promotion tool you can ask for.
  • Offer to Follow, Like, or Support others in return for sharing your posts.
  • If you’re promoting something time-sensitive, make sure you plan ahead and mention your deadline.
  • Are you requesting an action or feedback? Listen, Download, Watch, Share….
  • Promoting to Twitter fans? #Hashtags make it easy for people to find your message by topic. Consider adding one relevant to your topic.

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 4.43.55 PMScreen Shot 2013-07-10 at 4.45.08 PM

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 4.08.52 PM

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 4.41.23 PM

Each user is unique,  their content is different, and their promo needs will vary.

Hopefully these suggestions will help you think of ideas for marketing your content. If you still have questions, or need a little inspiration, just reach out. We’ll be happy to take a look at your promotion and give you some free advice.


Jorge and everyone at CoPromote

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Hey Headliners!

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Headliner’s New Automatic Link Shortener is Live!

Good news, Headliner members.

In order to make the promotion creation process easier, we’ve integrated the URL shortener with the message creation box. Now, instead of writing your promotional message in one box and using a separate box to manually shorten your link, all you have to do is include your link with the rest of the message and we will shorten it for you!

We will still track the performance of the link as always. But we sincerely hope that this will make it easier and faster for you to create promotions.  If you want to be sure the link is correct, simply copy and paste it into a new tab or window in your browser.  If you’re not happy with your message or want to use a different link, you can edit your message before you click “Start Promotion.”

Feel free to reach out with comments and questions. We’ll be happy to help.

New Message Box with Integrated URL Shortener