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Headliner.fm in Popular Mechanics: Social Currency & You

Headliner was recently mentioned in Popular Mechanics in an article by Joshua Klein, author of Reputation Economics. In the article he highlights how social media is creating new economies built on social currency.

One of his key points that resonates with Headliner missions includes: “Each of those relies on a public accountability of reputation, meaning that the more you participate, the more potential value you can get out of the exchanges, and the more important the account is to you.”

Of Headliner specifically, he writes: “Headliner.fm lets you find the right audience, anywhere in the world, that wants to share your message in exchange for you sharing their message with your audience.” We couldn’t be happier for the shout out, and to be recognized as part of the shift in social media currency.

Read on for more insights.

How Reputation Became the New Digital Currency
In the new book Reputation Economics, Joshua Klein explains why the rules of the new economy mean who you know is worth more than how much money you have.

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