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Facebook Reach Calculator Says… Go with CoPromote

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Everyone’s upset about Facebook’s decreasing organic reach for pages. The good folks at Shift Communications have done something constructive about it: they created a calculator so that people could estimate the cost of reaching their own audience.

You can find the calculator here: http://www.shiftcomm.com/facebook-page-cost-calculator/

Using ourselves as examples, here’s what CoPromote could expect to spend in order to reach our own fans on Facebook, using Shift’s calculator.

CoPromote FB Friends, followers, fans: 26,513
Promoted Posts per day: 3

With 26513 Likes, your Facebook budget to have 3 post(s) by your page seen by 100% of your current Likes is $397.70 per day.

Plan to spend $103402.00 for the remainder of 2014 on Facebook Promoted Posts at 3 per day if you want all of your current Likes to see your Promoted Posts.

Almost $400 to reach our own followers, with little chance or reaching new people or extending our network.

Fortunately, on CoPromote, you can reach new people with every post – for free. And, if you decide to pay or subscribe, you can definitely reach more new people through us for less.

Best of all, CoPromote is 100% opt-in, so everything that is being shared through us has been reviewed and endorsed by the people sharing it.

Plus, you can add them to your CoPromote network, which means they are almost 100% more likely to share your posts again next time they see them.

Give it a try, and let us know: How much would it cost you to reach your own people on Facebook? Then join us and a community of content creators dedicated to sharing each other’s posts and reaching new people.


The difference between Facebook Pages and Profiles, and how to connect Pages to Headliner.fm.

If you’re new to Headliner.fm and are having trouble connecting your Facebook account, it maybe because you are trying to connect a profile and not a page. Headliner can only connect Facebook Pages, not Profiles.

The easiest way to understand to understand the difference is that when a new person looks at a profile, they see an Add Friend” button and when a new person looks at a Fan Page, they see a “Like” button. You can easily see the difference in the screen grabs below. [Thanks to Dizz “Darryl” Johnson for letting us use his pages as examples.]

This is a Page, note the “Like” button. 

This is a profile, note the “Add Friend” button. 

If you don’t have a Facebook page yet, you can set one up easily by following the instructions here: Create a Page on Facebook.

Once you’ve set up your Page, let us know and we’ll like it from our Headliner page. New pages take a while to show up on Headliner, so dont’ worry if yours isn’t visible right away; once our systems update, you will see your new Facebook listed as option when you try to connect it to Headliner. Note: to connect a Page, you must be the owner or have administrator permission.

As always, if you have any questions, you can reach us on Facebook or Twitter (@Headlinerfm), catch us on live chat support during normal business hours, or emailing us at support@headliner.fm.

Google+ Pages and Bands = Search Results, Direct Connect

Billboard posted an article today on how bands can use Google + Pages to improve their presence on the social web and in search results. If you’re already on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and other networks, you may wonder how and why a Google + Page might help your band. Glenn Peoples makes a couple of good points. Not only are you likely to get better search results, but G+ is offering a feature called Direct Connect that will take users searching for a band directly to their page, making the process of finding and connecting with artists easy.

Via Billboard.biz:

“Google+ Pages has two things that its peers can’t match: Google’s dominance in search and a new feature called Direct Connect. Google says it will include Google+ pages in search results. That’s hardly a surprise, but what remains to be seen is how prominent Google+ pages will be in search results. 

Direct Connect will allow Google search users to immediately find a Google+ page by typing “+” followed by the page of interest. For example, typing “+ Pepsi” will take the searcher directly to Pepsi’s Google+ page without listing the search results. As a result, the consumer follows a shorter path to the brand or business’s page.”

There’s more at Billboard.biz and the Google blog.

Check the video below for an overview of Direct Connect.

Check out how to set up a Google + Page if you don’t already have one here