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How Facebook’s “Story Bumping” and “Last Actor” Can Help Refresh Your Headliner Posts

Facebook announced Tuesday that they are adding two new changes to their newsfeed algorithm.

Via AllFacebook: “Story Bumping”, which allows engaging posts you haven’t seen to be bumped up to the top of News Feed later in the day, and “Last Actor”, which takes into account the last 50 engagements a user has performed, and gives those users a slight bump up in News Feed ranking.”

Based on test results. these changes will help make users’ content more visible. On their blog, Facebook explains: “With so many stories, there is a good chance people would miss something they wanted to see if we displayed a continuous, unranked stream of information. Our ranking isn’t perfect, but in our tests, when we stop ranking and instead show posts in chronological order, the number of stories people read and the likes and comments they make decrease.”

This is good news for Headliner members.  Whenever someone recommends you, we provide a direct link to the post so you can engage new audiences directly. With “Story Bumping” and “Last Actor”, there is a better chance for your recommendations to be “refreshed” in the newsfeed when someone (including you) engages with the post.

We are looking forward to seeing how this improves engagement levels and we’ll be keeping you posted. Meantime, let us know how these changes are working out for you.

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Where the Action is: Headliner’s Presence in Facebook’s Newsfeed.

Recently Comscore published a report that shows what Headliner members already knew: Facebook users spend  most of their time on the newsfeed (27%) and less time on profiles (21%) and apps (10%). Meaning that your message has a better chance of being seen and engaged if it appears where the action is: not in an ad off to the side, but directly in the chat streams users see when they log in. Posting custom recommendations directly to users’ newsfeeds is precisely what Headliner does. For more info on how Headliner helps musicians get recommended to millions of new fans daily, check out our homepage: http://headliner.fm/howitworks.php.