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Featured CoPromoter: Aaron Sanchez, Radio Personality & TV Host

Aaron Sanchez, host of the NEW Morning Show on ABC News Radio KMET 1490AM and creator/co-host of “The Hollywood Social Lounge“, is our CoPromoter of the week! With Sanchez’s ambitious drive and tenacity for hosting, there was no question that he would find an abundant amount of success. Read our exclusive interview with Aaron Sanchez below, and find out how he made his way up the entertainment business:



1) Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into radio and hosting?

About 8 years ago I was working a sales job, and although I did well at it, I always felt I wanted to do something more.  About that same time I found myself at a specialized chiropractor’s office in Huntington Beach.  In that same building was The Academy of Radio and TV Broadcasting. One day I just walked in and asked for a tour and thought wow so this is how they get the training!  Even then though I didn’t have the self belief that I could ever be in radio. I figured at that time perhaps I could do at least voiceovers and perhaps could start to make a demo-tape, but didn’t know where I could do so.  It was at that time that I reached out to a family member family member who I knew was around those in entertainment.  He asked me to come in to do sales and PR for his non-profit organization and said he could make a recommendation to someone he knew.  It was at his non-profit that I met a dear family member, who I affectionately call my Tio in Spanish “Uncle” Jose Luis Sedano, who immediately recommended that I step in front of the camera rather than stay behind it.  From that day on he said he would join me on Red Carpet interviews and would be open to any idea I was crazy enough to try.  We put up the interviews on YouTube which eventually the Bureau Chief of NBC News Radio KCAA saw our entertainment interviews and asked me to do a 10 minute weekly entertainment segment.  Since I had already been creating content for online and television at the time from the red carpet, I was eventually given an opportunity to create a full one hour weekly radio show featuring some of the existing content our team had been creating which then allowed us to bring our guests in studio.  We have since re-developed the show to what is known today as The Hollywood Social Lounge which since has been moved to ABC News Radio KMET.  That in turn has led to a variety of hosting jobs including a new TV series called “Barcode Success” which takes a Celebrity, Millionaire or Billionaire and teams them up with an average  “John Q Public” for a day, giving us an insider glimpse into the lives of amazing people.


2) What is “The Hollywood Social Lounge“?

The Hollywood Social Lounge features the very best of Hollywood including Film, TV and Music. From Indie Film to major blockbusters we’ve covered both on the Red Carpet and off with Celebrity and Filmmaker interviews.



3) Being an Executive Producer at ABC News Radio, what does your day consist of? What is your favorite part of your job?

In addition to the Hollywood Social Lounge I also Host and produce daily the Morning Show which consists of reaching out and getting exciting guests that we know our audience will appreciate.  With so many new listening capabilities for example Soundcloud, TuneIn, Livestream, I also oversee the edits of the audio by combining to video so that we can reach our social media audience on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.  In helping the owners and management at the station, I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to get more listeners and audience to tune-in both regionally and nationally.  That’s how I came across CoPromote!


4) What advice would you give to people who want to delve into being a radio personality and television host?

There is a lot that I’ve had to learn by being hands on and learning from others as I’ve taken on in this career.  I always recommend people to get the schooling to teach you the how to get in radio and television.  That type of training is amazing to start from.  Yet no matter whether you’ve had the education or not, surround yourself with people that are willing to teach you what you don’t learn.  I’ve said that the years I’ve spent in radio thus far have been my own education.  Also I recommend for hosts to think like producers.  Start creating your own projects.  Even if your first doesn’t see the light of day, you will have learned more in that experience through the process of doing.  Surround yourself with people that get it and see your vision.  Also, be a person of good character because many of your future jobs will come through friends or past employees you’ve worked with that want to help open the door to your next possible venture.  

5) Have you found any other creatives through CoPromote whose work you currently follow?

Yes!  I’ve found many creatives especially authors and entrepreneurs this way that understand Social Media is another very important communication tool and I enjoy following each one as they generate more great new content.  I believe we’ve even featured one on our Morning Show.

You can find Aaron on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
To connect with Aaron Sanchez, and thousands of other creatives like Aaron join CoPromote here!

Kennedy Center Honors (and Inspires)

When “Kennedy Center Honors” was launched in 1977, its creators stated, “We see this as a national honoring of people who have contributed to society, not someone who happens to have a pop record hit at the moment…Our intention is not to do just another award show.” True to its mission, its previous honorees have included icons as talented, diverse and enduring as Ella Fitzgerald, Lucille Ball, Frank Sinatra, Arthur Miller, Alvin Ailey, Bob Dylan, and Carlos Santana, just to name a few.

Last night, Carole King, Cicely Tyson, Rita Moreno, George Lucas and conductor Seiji Ozawa were each honored for their indelible contributions in their respective fields. Even though they all come from different disciplines – pop and classical music, theatre, film and dance – they share a couple things in common: their work that will live long after they’re gone, and they all started small and worked their way into the history books, one hit record, movie, song, or performance at a time.  With that in mind, we have collected some of the more inspirational quotes for each honoree to help you next time you need a little reminder to keep doing work that lasts.

Rosie Perez on Rita Moreno: “She was herself,” Perez said. “She celebrated her heritage but did not stereotype it.”*

Martin Scorsese on George Lucas: “George Lucas’ Star Wars absolutely changed films forever.” Scorsese called him “a hero to young people  all over the world…his audience is truly global.”*

Kerry Washington on Cicely Tyson: “Cicely Tyson does not merely act,” said Washington. “She soars. She sings. She vibrates. She is music.”*

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 12.59.57 PM

Sources: USA Today*, Getty, Kennedy Center Honors

CoPromote Reaches Over 1 Billion People in September


CoPromote launched in 2014 with a mission to serve the dynamic emerging market of independent content creators on the social web.

Whereas major brands and creators have the resources to scale their reach with traditional advertising, many independent content creators have to rely on word of mouth or social alternatives which can take time to scale, and detract from the creative process.

Enter CoPromote. Founded by creators to serve creators, CoPromote not only understands the needs of creative people, we understand the technology required to build a platform that enables creators to reach and support each other organically, affordably and easily.

As September has shown, there is clearly need for CoPromote on the social web, which means we should all look forward to reaching the next billion together soon!


CoPromote Adds Vine!


Great news!

CoPromote has added Vine to its suite of cross-promotion networks. To celebrate, we are also launching an ambassador program featuring some of the top creators on Vine, YouTube, Twitter, and Tumblr. Ambassadors will be announced at a multimedia event this fall in Los Angeles.

“Creators are the lifeblood of social platforms because they share the most engaging posts. Co-promotion not only helps creators, but also enables people to discover great new content via creators they love and follow, in the process driving new views and raising engagement,” says CEO and founder Mike More.

The addition of Vine is just one of the latest milestones for CoPromote.

  • In August of this year, CoPromote raised $3M+ through an investment round by one of the top VCs in China.
  • In September, CoPromote reached over 1 billion people on social media through more than 700,000 members in fields including Video, Music, Podcasting, Blogging, Crafting, Gaming, Fashion, Beauty, Wellness, and Charities.
  • In October, CoPromote signed its first Vine influencer, Klarity, who is leading the ambassador program and says, “The easiest way for Viners to get more loops is to reach more people. CoPromote makes it easy to hook up with hundreds of other Viners dedicated to boosting each other’s loops.”

More creator networks, including Instagram and Pinterest will be added in the coming weeks, making it even easier for creators to reach new people faster than ever before.

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Community Guidelines_Featured Image_2

CoPromote Community Guidelines

CoPromote was built for creators by creators. Before you share via CoPromote ask yourself if your content is: informative, inspiring, entertaining, visually appealing, or compelling, and well-presented. The more original content you have on your page, the better you’ll do on CoPromote.

We are all on social media to promote our creations – a song, a blogpost, a book. Just as you wouldn’t ask someone to follow you without giving them a reason, don’t simply tell people to listen to your song, or read your blogpost – show them why and give them a reason to share it.
Remember: you are asking for space on someone’s timeline, where they engage with their friends and followers, manage their reputations, and grow their brands or businesses. Make your request worth their generosity and you will succeed – not just on CoPromote but in social media as well. Not sure if your content is a good fit? Check out our Dos and Don’ts for additional details or our Featured CoPromoters to see how they’re doing it right. Or just reach out and we’ll gladly check for you.

Content You Can Share on CoPromote

  • Music – songs, mixes, demos
  • Podcasts: talk shows, spoken word
  • Photos, Videos, and Animation – art, humor/pranks, How-To, DIY, beauty, fashion, Vines, GIFs, graphic design, illustrations
  • Books: Novels, Short stories, self-published fiction, comics and graphic novels, essays, blog posts, critical reviews, think pieces
  • Causes: information about charities, non-profits, NGOs, crowd-funding, social awareness
  • Health & Well-being: training tips, lifestyle coaching, diet/cooking tips, psychological services
  • Entertainment or educational websites
  • Apps and Games
  • News, Finance, and Politics
  • Contests that require skill and submission of original content for judging

Content You Should Not Share on CoPromote:

  • Spam, phishing, pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes, get rich quick/make money at home offers
  • Direct or affiliate sales, sales landing pages, SEO pages, multi-level marketing
  • Selling guaranteed/fake followers/views, music or video plays
  • Diet pills, male enhancement, miracle cures and other questionable health products
  • Content that promotes hate, violence, or discrimination
  • Black hat content that is loaded with SEO keywords and aimed at search engines and not human readers
  • SEO of any kind
  • Content from bots, or accounts with excessive fake followers or low engagement
  • Adult/NSWF/XXX content
  • Illegal activity
  • Content deemed inappropriate by the CoPromote staff or community
  • Sweepstakes that do not require skill or submission of content to be judged

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Questions? Get in touch with Jorge, Moha, Sonya & the team: community@copromote.com