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Social Media’s Impact on Digital Music Sales

Via ReadWriteWeb:  “according to data from Next Big Sound. For 38% of musicians, Facebook views had a significant effect on album sales, a stronger impact than traditional radio plays had. VevoYouTube and SoundCloud all ranked highly as well.”

No surprise that artist websites come first, but it’s interesting to note that Wikipedia ranks 4th, just below Facebook and Radio. “The Future Of Music Is… Wikipedia??” Who would have thunk it?

Read the full article here: http://readwrite.com/2012/12/06/social-media-drives-album-sales

Headliner.fm CEO Mike More on NBC New York Nonstop

Headliner.fm CEO Mike More stops by the studios of NBC New York Nonstop. He discusses how Headliner.fm uses social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and SoundCloud to connect musicians of all sizes and styles, from Maroon 5, Diddy and Pitbull to new music fans through Headliner’s unique recommendation exchange.

Headliner.fm CEO Mike More on NBC New York Nonstop

How To: Import your Myspace profile to Facebook

In the latest concession by Myspace to Facebook’s juggernaut conquest of the internet, the formerly mighty social network has just released an app that will allow you to connect your Myspace profile to Facebook. Myspace was formerly every musician’s best friend, an essential marketing tool for introducing your music to new fans. But as the social web evolved, Myspace became less relevant. This app will let you import all your content and cross-post updates simultaneously. The app might not save Myspace in the long run, but it’s a welcome addition to every musician’s marketing toolbox.

Get more info on the app here: Facebook Myspace Music App. And there’s a tutorial here: Set Up Instructions.