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CD Baby Launches Facebook MusicStore

CD Baby, the largest independent online distributor for musicians officially launched its Facebook MusicStore today. The MusicStore will allow members to sell their music directly from their Facebook Fan Pages. Users who are not CD Baby members can sell individual albums or songs for a small fee. This feature creates a prime engagement channel for a lot of independent musicians to boost their sales and fanbases. What better occasion to reach out to new fans than to thank them for their support?

MusicStore can be installed in 3 easy steps. CD Baby will handle all the accounting and transactions for you. According to CD Baby president Brian Felsen, “Because we have all necessary artist content and information in our database, our new MusicStore for Facebook literally takes just 5 minutes to set up. It’s direct to fan, and CD Baby handles all the logistics: the credit card processing, the delivery of downloaded MP3s, the warehousing and shipping of CDs, the customer service, and the accounting – so artists can focus on what matters: writing, recording, and performing.

That last statement is something we at Headliner totally support, and we know a lot of Headliner members use CD Baby so we’re happy to pass this along.

Check the video below to get a sense of how it works and head over to members.cdbaby.com for details.

CD Baby MusicStore