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Beyonce’s Lemonade: Marketing Genius

It is no secret that Beyonce’s marketing campaigns are flawless. What does it take to make an album, create a film/musical/series of music videos for it, release it on HBO, have the whole world watch it for free, solely release your album on Tidal, start your tour within the same week of the drop, AND be a human being? A great team with the ability to plan and execute flawlessly, no pun.


Lemonade, the visual album, had no release date when the single “Formation” was surprisingly released on February 6, 2016. Prior to that, Beyonce had not released an album since December of 2014. While remaining silent about her endeavors for this new album, she released a single right before her second Super Bowl halftime performance and made sure that the visual addressed the controversial racial injustices of America.

Further building her buzz, she had all of her dancers dress like Black Panthers for the Super Bowl halftime event. This threw the world in a frenzy and even had people come out to protest against her. Once the halftime performance was over, she announced the “Formation World Tour” to an average of 111.9 million TV viewers (the third largest audience in TV history). Within the first two weeks of sales, Formation sold out two New York shows, two London show, and added a second Chicago night. This was all without any indication of an album being released.

Less than two months later she announces an activewear brand called Ivy Park, along with its’ partnership with TopShop (an established UK clothing line/brand). The release entailed a visual story explaining her training at this park when she was younger and a series of photos with her in her line. STILL NO ALBUM RELEASE DATE!

As soon as she had everyone at the edge of their seat wondering what all of this could be leading up to, her marketing team along with HBO released a 5-7 second clip of “Lemonade”. There was no indication as to what it could’ve been. A short film? A music video? A documentary? The album everyone was waiting for? The release was announced and set for April 23rd, leaving a week for suspense and anticipation. As the date grew closer a longer promotional clip was released, and it still kept much of what it was a secret. It was definitely a friendly reminder that the date for release was approaching.

HBO created a perfect marriage between Beyonce’s “Lemonade” event and promotion their HBO Now service by offering all viewers a free weekend of HBO. Not only did this allow any and everyone to watch the “Lemonade” event, it also gave people access to HBO from Friday-Sunday for the series premieres of shows like “Game of Thrones” & “Silicon Valley”.


TV by the Numbers reports that Beyoncé’s film pulled in 787,000 viewers in the 18-49 demographic.” – Spin Magazine

Not bad for Queen B! Lemonade, the visual concept album, was a 58 minute long film that went through the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of her relationship with infamous rapper and mogul Jay-Z. Being that Beyonce and Jay-Z had been incredibly private about their relationship (aside from the 2014 elevator incident that went public without their consent), it was a shock for most to see and hear about her struggles with him. As if that wasn’t marketable enough, she made certain to focus on the beauty of black culture and her heritage. The visual album celebrated black women throughout her entire short film, and shed light on the pains of black women who have lost their sons due to police brutality and racial injustice. Showcasing many sides of the artist herself, it was undoubtedly the most innovative piece of work that Beyonce has put together. Directly after the release of the visual album, the album was available via Tidal and Tidal only.

Within hours of the album’s release, Tidal, the only place you can listen to “Lemonade” for now, shot towards the top of Apple’s App Store rankings. It was number 12 as of Sunday morning, even though it wasn’t even listed in the top apps list before “Lemonade” dropped. It reached as high as number 3 by Sunday afternoon.” – Tech Insider

If that wasn’t enough, Lemonade went on to break the internet. With a record of 4.1 million tweets in under 48 hours, Entertainment Weekly states that Lemonade’s twitter mentions “soared from 1.8 thousand tweets per minute to 9.2 thousand from roughly 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. The uproar has declined in recent days, but holds steady at 450 tweets per minute nearly 48 hours later.

It has been less than a week since the release of Lemonade on Saturday, and she has already kicked off her “Formation” tour on the 27th. Needless to say…the entire marketing layout for her release was a huge success. Setting Beyonce apart from any other artist of her time, she has continuously found new ways to reset the bar and innovate the release of music in the digital age. One thing is for certain, with a marketing team like hers and the ability to somehow keep all of her maneuvers under wraps…she will continue to change the music world.

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6 Ways To Pimp Your Tumblr

1) Effective Layout

Whether you’re using Tumblr to express yourself professionally, independently or as an enthusiast, an effective layout is essential.


  • Make your layout easy to navigate so people can focus on your content.
  • Include your bio, contact info, and links to your official sites and social media so people who like your content can find you.
  • Post your work in a way that fits on Tumblr’s platform and your chosen layout. Each layout is different so choose one that will show your work in the best light.

If you’re not a designer or need help finding a good layout, here are 3 sites where you can get FREE layouts best suited to your work.

2) Post Regularly

Post your work! Don’t be shy about it. Tumblr offers many options for content types: Text, Photo, Quote, Link, Chat, Audio and Video.

Tumblr Dashboard

  • Choose the content type that is best for each post. Sometimes an article is required, sometimes a photo will do, others a video or sound file is best. Switch it up!
  • Create a voice for your brand. Who are you speaking to? Who does your work generally attract? Develop a tone, use keywords consistently, provide a unique perspective, establish your own catch phrases.
  • Posting regularly creates a sense of expectation or fear of missing out, which keeps visitors coming back.

3) Reblog Others

Reblogging content is the quickest way to engage with other users and have them engage with you in return.


  • All it takes is a click of the reblog button in the bottom righthand corner of each post on your feed.
  • If you are not following the user whose content you wish to reblog, you can just click on the post and the reblog button should be in the top righthand corner of the page.

4) Comment and Reply

Another way to engage with fellow Tumblr creators is through commenting. Your comment could be as simple as an emoji or a paragraph about strikes you most about someone’s post. Replying to comments that people leave on your posts keeps your interaction with your audience moving.

Tumblr Comment Thread Blog

Benefits of commenting:

  • It raises your visibility
  • The person who posted could reply to your comment or even follow you back.
  • People have become digital pen pals through comments alone, so jump in and start making friends!
  • Depending on the popularity of the post, your comment can be seen by an audience of millions!
  • Comments on Tumblr are so vital to the community, some users have created screenshots of comments that have have gone viral too!

5) Use Tags

HashTag! At the bottom of each post, there is a field where you can add hashtags.

CoPromote SoundCloud Artist's Guide

  • Tags should be any keywords that pertain to the post.
  • Using tags makes it easier for other Tumblr users to find your content and share it as well!
  • Tumblr results and tags also come up on Google search.

6) Ask Anything

Ask Anything is a service people use to ask private or public questions directly. How you choose to answer is up to you. Choose one that best works for you. Recently, Tumblr has started hosting “Asks” by known public figures, similar to how Reddit hosts AMAs (Ask Me Anything).

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 2.06.16 PM

Responding privately

  • The “ask” will show up in the user’s inbox.
  • This is useful in cases where the question is sensitive in nature, or so specific as to not be valuable to the general Tumblr audience.

Responding publicly

  • Your response will show up on your Tumblr page as a post.
  • A perk to asking and responding publicly is that your followers and potential followers will see that you do engage with the people on your page and will be more apt to reach out to you via Ask Anything as well!

There you have it: 6 easy ways to get the most out of Tumblr as a creator!

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5 Best Ways To Use Soundcloud: An Artist’s Guide

5 ways to use soundcloud to your advantage


Do you remember the Twitter poll we posted last week?

Here’s why: many of our CoPromote members are musicians. Of those musicians, a fair amount of them are up and coming and/or establishing themselves as artists. When utilizing all the different music streaming sites and apps, it can be difficult to navigate them and promote yourself properly.

In the first of our series on making the most of music platforms, we are focusing on Soundcloud, which got the most votes. Enjoy!





Soundcloud’s platform is home to over 250 million users, listeners and musicians combined. There’s a plethora of music being placed on and pushed through the system, yet many are unaware of the intricacies the platform provides to promote their work properly.

Here’s how to utilize Soundcloud to your optimal advantage.

1) Make Your Profile Identifiable

  • Try to use the same url/profile name (artist/band name) as you do for all of your other social networks.
  • Link all of your social networks to your Soundcloud profile page.
  • Fill out your bio and contact info as specific as possible. Also, USE A PROFILE PICTURE!

Bio, Info


2) Fill Out Your Bio And Contact Info

  • Listeners, fellow musicians, and people with opportunities/endeavors want to know who you are and how they can get in contact with you.
  • Make your bio short and concise. (50-250 words)

3) Post Your Best Work

  • Post music with the best quality (sound, arrangement, mixed & mastered). Along with the music, the packaging should reflect the quality of it. Cover art is the first thing anyone sees before they press play…captivate your audience before they’ve even listened to you.


  • Do not post work that is in progress! We repeat, do not post music that is still in progress! Users want to go to your page to hear what you have to offer and if you have music posted that is halfway finished it will give the listener the wrong impression.
  • Try not to upload all of your work. It’s very hard to navigate through a cluttered Soundcloud page. Most will land on an artist’s page and listen to one or two tracks (depending on their attention span) and stay or leave based on what they hear. Try to keep all of your best work on your Soundcloud page for this alone. You want the listener to stay engaged and this is the best way for you to leave an impact on them.


4) Label Your Music Properly

  • Make sure your artist name, song title, and album title are all accurate and in sync with the music you have been promoting/distributing.
  • Whether you are an artist that places yourself in one genre or an artist that hates to box yourself into genres, genres are great identification factors for the average listener.

Tags 1



You want to do this, because Soundcloud has an explore function, which indexes all the ‘trending’ tracks within a particular genre.  Soundcloud’s only way to define the genre is through the keywords, and the first one that’s embedded in the player, is often the most valuable in determining that. Alternatively, the platform’s search function browses through keywords as well, so if you search for ‘electro’, it’ll find tracks who have that word embedded in its title, keywords and lastly description.”

– Paul Resnikoff (Digital Music News)

  • If you can label your music in the genre(s) you see fit, the listeners that search within that genre will be more apt to find and listen to your music.


5) Use It!

  • Log in and interact with others and their music. Find music you like and comment on it. When commenting, avoid using the same basic “I like your music.” or “Love it.” post. Personalize it and tell them exactly what it was that you appreciated about the record. This will drive engagement and make you visible to the artist.
  • Address any positive comments left on your music. This will leave a positive impression on your listener and they will more than likely return to your page for more!

  • Check your stats! Whether you have a free or pro account, you can attain your overall stats (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.). This will help you gage what tracks listeners listened to most at the basic level. With a pro account, you get that along with who listened, where your listeners are from (by city and country), and what website/apps the listeners came from.
  • Avoid soliciting! That goes for comments, messages, social media posts with your link embedded, etc. Many do not respond well to hecklers.


  • Create Playlists – they can be embedded, shared, and give people a greater sense of your sound.

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T-Pain Knows Tech (and CoPromote)

CoPromote has always known T-Pain was tech savvy. He was one of our firstBand of the Month judges when CoPromote was still Headliner.fm.

Check out this interview he did with The Verge on how tech and apps shaped his sound.

Kudos, T-Pain!

Featured CoPromoter: Electronic Duo Worldwide Groove Corporation

Before CoPromote came into existence, we used to be an app for musicians called “Headliner.fm”. Our Featured CoPromoter of the Week, electropop duo Worldwide Groove Corporation, has been a member ever since, and reached over 18 million people via CoPromote. Their songs are a combination of groovy beats, chill out instrumentals, and imaginative lyrics. Give them a listen the next time you’re in the mood for a chill out session.


Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 11.58.15 AM


1. What type of creator are you?
We are an electronic music duo, currently putting out one new music release a month for a year.  We’re calling it the Year of the Groove.


2. How do you use CoPromote?
Each month we put out our new music release, we send out links through social media.  CoPromote has helped to amplify that message!


Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 12.00.14 PM


3. Have you found any other musicians on CoPromote?
Yes, and actually I’ve gotten into the routine of following people on Twitter when they retweet our message, even if it’s through CoPromote.  I figure we are all trying to do what we can to get our message out there, so we might as well connect and be a community.


4.  What is one song of yours that you feel best captures your aesthetic?
We are quite diverse in the songs we release since they are created for different purposes.  I think of the last year’s worth of releases, the song Glitter & Bliss seems to bridge both ends of the spectrum between mindless easy chillout and epic electronica with metaphorical lyrics.


Check out Worldwide Groove Corporation’s soundcloud! Follow them on Twitter: @wwGrooveCorp, Facebook, and Youtube.