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Mobile App Updates: Follow, Better Previews, More Stats!


We’ve updated our mobile app with a Follow feature, better content previews, and a sharp Profile page that shows you all your relevant Stats at a glance.

New Profile page with Activity Stats, Audience Overview

  • Audience Overview: The social networks you have connected and how many followers you have on each of those networks.
  • Boosts: Posts that you have boosted and how frequently they fall into a given category.
  • Shares: How many times you’ve shared other CoPromoter’s posts. This is good Karma and you earn credits to boost more of your own. Plus, it’s why we will built CoPromote, so good on you!
  • Recent Activity: Last time you used the app to boost or share posts.
  • Customizable Profile: Update your avatar and background so they match your socials.
  • Followers and Following: These are your connections on CoPromote. These are similar creators with whom you’ve exchanged posts. Members who share each other’s posts once are over 90% likely to do it again.
  • Follow Button: Add any member you like to your network by following them, even if you haven’t exchanged posts with them.


Download or login to the app to build your network and reach more people!

Mobile Metrics: Twitter Alone vs Twitter + CoPromote

We can tell you how cross-promotion is the best way to reach new followers. We can talk about “the power of many” until the internet actually breaks. Or, we can let the data speak for itself.

Today, Twitter announced an update that lets you track engagements on their iOS app. The data’s message couldn’t be clearer: Dedicated sharing scales reach!

Now, when you boost a Tweet through CoPromote, you can easily compare the improvement between Tweeting on your own versus boosting through CoPromote’s community of content creators dedicated to sharing.

Don’t take our word for it. Boost a tweet and see for yourself.

Thanks, Twitter!

On the left, CoPromote metrics; on the right, Twitter metrics.

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 5.06.03 PM

A Look at Facebook Home for Android

Facebook announced today that it is releasing Home, a new skin for Android phones that places Facebook front and center on Android phones. Below are some highlights of features which should begin rolling out on new handsets on April 12th, and some charts explaining the benefits to Facebok. Follow the links for more info.

Facebook Home’s Four Most Promising Advantages Over Stock Android

Facebook Home’s Four Most Promising Advantages Over Stock Android

Take a visual tour of ‘Home’: Facebook’s pretty invasion of Android

It basically overlays FB updates on top of photos. It's also where you'll receive your notifications, which stack in order of importance:
Front and center is a new kind of display Facebook calls Cover Feed.

Facebook also announced a phone called the HTC First. It comes preloaded with Home, and has a 4.3-inch screen, 4G LTE, and is available on AT&T. It’ll cost $99.

How to Use Cover Feed on Facebook Home [via: http://www.theverge.com/2013/4/4/4183172/facebook-home-android]

The Facebook phone strategy explained

Facebook Home’s killer app: Big, pretty advertisements

While Facebook is being uncharacteristically candid with its responses so far, it’s tough to see how it couldn’t be. Facebook is set to suck up 30 percent of mobile ad dollars this year, so obviously, advertising will be a core part of its plans with Home.







TouchTunes 2012 Year End Charts

Via thestrutny:

Infographic: What music do people listen to in bars?

TouchTunes, aka those Jukeboxes in bars that let you play pretty much any song you want tracked what people played the most in 2012. Not surprisingly, they found people LOVE listening to country music when they are drinking at a bar. They found some other interesting facts like what were the most popular songs on Election Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Valentines Day. See more here