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Play Live Nation’s #MillionTweets for a Chance to Meet Kelly Clarkson in New York

Head over to Live Nation #MillionTweets and enter for your chance to win.

It’s as easy as Tweeting out their official message.

You can play daily and there are a lot of other great prizes along the way to a #MillionTweets.

The three Headliner members who share Live Nation’s Kelly Clarkson promotions through us and get the best engagements will each win a choice of Headliner goodies, including: an Artist Spotlight on Headliner’s exchange, a free Headliner Pro account for a month, and 100,000 in Karma Cash.

But, hurry. The concert is August 21st, so you only have a few days to play!

Good luck!
The Headliner Team

Enter for your chance to win here: