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Headliner CEO Mike More Weighs in On Digital Music Sales Milestone on CNNMoney.

It’s been over a decade since Napster first turned the music industry upside down. CNN recently published an article on the digital sales topping physical sales for the first time since the format shook things up.

As Laurie Segall writes on CNNMoney, “According to a Nielsen and Billboard report, digital music purchases accounted for 50.3% of music sales in 2011. Digital sales were up 8.4% from the previous year, while physical album sales declined 5%.”

The article also includes some insight from Headliner CEO Mike More. Check his quote below and click over to the article for the rest of the story.

Digital music sales top physical sales

Mike More, CEO of Headliner.fm, says the future may not be digital sales. More cites Spotify’s model as the music consumption of the future, where he says more consumers will pay for access to music streaming services rather than purchasing songs.

“I think you have a whole generation who doesn’t care if they own anything,” he says. “Accessibility has become paramount. This is what consumers want — they want it everywhere and on all their devices.”

Headliner Year-End Infograph: The Power of Many

As we close out 2011, we took a look back at Headliner’s growth.

As expected, the top 10 list of artists with the most reach included some famous names like Pitbull and Diddy, but it also included many independent artists. In fact, the top two slots went to Steve Ryan and Incolide, proving that you don’t need a lot of money to share your music online.

It wouldn’t hurt, but in the meantime, why not fund your online promotion using your social currency? The more your fans like, share, retweet, and comment on your posts online, the better your social currency. Deep reach and high engagement are key to building a supportive community of fans that will act as ambassadors for your music.

Check out our infograph below summarizing how Headliner helps artist like Steve Ryan and Incolide make the most of their social currency to promote their music online.

As the song goes, “You don’t have to be a star, baby, to be in our show.”


SoundCloud: 5 Million Users Strong

What’s the sound of one hand clapping? We don’t know! But given SoundCloud’s explosive growth, there’s a good chance the answer may already be uploaded. The music sharing network recently celebrated surpassing 5 million users with an interactive timeline that highlights milestones in its evolution. SoundCloud is one of our favorite partners. Most of our members have updated their profiles and share their links through them, so give yourselves a little pat on the back.

Check the graph below for a taste, then click over to sample the sound bites. Read more at the New York Times.

SoundCloud 5 Million Users Milestones


Headliner Milestone: Now over 200 Million Fans Strong

Headliner.fm: 200 Million Fans Strong

Early today, Headliner reached a milestone in its young, ambitious life: It surpassed 200 million fans!

Based on the time-honored relationship between headlining bands and opening acts, Headliner allows musicians to leverage their social currency for cross-promotion. By exchanging messages through their social networks, artists raise each others’ profiles and reach music lovers that are more likely to become fans. We have helped over 75,000 artists including Rob Thomas, Diddy, T-Pain and Maroon 5 reach millions of new fans. After all, there’s no recommendation like the one you get from your favorite band!

It’s a win/win for everyone. Artists get new fans, music lovers discover new bands – and it’s all done, free and easy through Headliner’s simple, powerful tools. At this rate, the half-billion fan milestone doesn’t seem too far away. Thanks to all the artists who have help us get here. For more on how you can join, check Headliner.fm.