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Three Tips For Creating Loyal Consumers

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So you want loyal customers but you don’t have time to become a social marketing expert. You are, after all, a creator. Here is a quick overview of three basic tips to help guide your efforts. Click through to TechCrunch to read in more detail.

1. Labour = Love

Human beings tend to love things created by them either partially or fully. Ask them to collaborate with you!

“The more effort we put into something, the more likely we are to value it.”

2. Consistency counts

The basic idea is to start with a small ask, once people say yes, they are more likely to say yes again.

“We are more likely to be consistent with our past behaviours.”

3. We avoid cognitive dissonance

We don’t want to miss out on things others like, so we learn to like things we didn’t think we could.

“We change our preferences to avoid cognitive dissonance.”

Source: http://techcrunch.com/2015/01/19/the-hidden-psychology-of-why-customers-come-back/ by Nir Eyal


Learn How to Become a YouTube Star From Kandee Johnson

Camille Santochi (@omitofo) of Fusion sat down with makeup artist, beauty blogger, and YouTube star Kandee Johnson, on what it’s like to share content to over 2 million followers on her YouTube channel.

For content creators interested in starting their own YouTube channel or are already embracing it, Kandee offers some good advice:

“Make sure that you’re starting for the right reason. Make sure that you’re starting YouTube because you want to help people — because you want to entertain people. Not because you want to get free products or because you want to be “YouTube famous” Always talk like you’re talking to your best friend or sister.”

Takeaway: It’s awesome to get feedback for your content and videos. But remember to be yourself; Be authentic, likable, and relatable to who you’re looking to reach out to.

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See the video at Fusion.

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Twitter Joins CoPromote, Offers $50 In Free Twitter Ads

Great news, CoPromoters – Twitter has joined CoPromote!

@TwitterSmallBiz is the social network’s channel for “tips, best practices and case studies to help your small biz succeed on Twitter.”

CoPromote is home to over 350,000 small businesses, entrepreneurs, and content creators sharing thousands of posts and reaching millions of people on Twitter every day.

To celebrate our partnership, @TwitterSmallBiz is offering a special deal in their first promotion on CoPromote: $50 worth of Twitter Ads – free! Watch for their promotions in your pending requests, and share this great offer with your followers. Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 6.09.35 PM

We are very excited by this opportunity, and look forward to much success with the @TwitterSmallBiz team!

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10 Tips on Making Content Go Viral (and How CoPromote Can Help)

The good folks at BuzzSumo analyzed 100 million articles and came up with a list of 10 elements that make content go viral online. Noah Kagan’s OKdork.com blog was nice enough to list it out.

There is plenty of useful information backed by a lot of data that you could apply to your own content marketing. And face it, you may be an artist or a poet or a healer, but if you’re trying to get noticed on the social web, you’re a content marketer.

Of the many great, simple suggestions offered here, one is naturally our favorite: 8) Getting one extra influencer to share your article has a multiplier effect.

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It’s unlikely Oprah or any celebrity will re-share your posts, but  that’s OK, there are still millions of people on the social web – and over 300,000 of them are using CoPromote to reach new people with every post.

On CoPromote, once our members share your content once, there’s a 97% chance they’ll share it again. Also, on average, for every 100 views your posts get on CoPromote, you can expect approximately 15 shares. Why? Because exchanging posts is all CoPromote does. Our community is dedicated to the idea and practice of sharing each other’s content. When people join, they are already intent on sharing content, they’re just looking for content they like. Why not add your content to our mix? Once our community gets to know you and your content, they will trust you and be more likely to share your posts.

Our advice, go through this handy list, see what you can apply to your own strategy, and when you’re ready  to reach beyond your own social circle – you know where to find us.

We’ve embedded the Slideshare below, but click through to OKdork.com and BuzzSumo for more information and tips.

Why Content Goes Viral: What Analyzing 100 Million Articles Taught Us.
Noah Kagan’s Okdork.com
via @noahkagan



How to Make Facebook’s Algorithm Work for Your Brand: Post Links!

An optimistic study points to a bright spot in Facebook’s ever-shifting newsfeed algorithm.

According to an article by ShopIgniter, one way to make your posts stand out is to include links. Media-rich posts still seem to do well, but for those cases when you don’t have media to attach, it’s encouraging to know that adding a link can boost the presence of your posts.

Fortunately for CoPromote members, sharing links is what we’re all about! Any traction our members may lose in the ongoing adjustments, they can make up for it by being connected to a network with thousands of similar people eager to share their posts for them. As reaching your own social circle becomes more difficult, being able to reach beyond your circle becomes increasingly valuable.

Below is an excerpt from the article in Business Insider. Click through for more details.

ShopIgniter looked at posts made by 15 major brands in the two weeks before and after this later tweak, and found that while reach for text status updates dropped a staggering 65%, reach for photos and videos posted stayed about the same, and reach for link posts actually jumped 30%.”

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/facebook-rewards-brands-who-post-links-2014-3#ixzz2wGCHGPk5