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Featured CoPromote of the Week: Music Blogger EDM Nerd

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Unlike traditional music blogs where they share and review new artists and albums, EDM Nerd takes a look at the behind the scenes of the electronic dance music scene. Sean, the creator of the blog, writes about the business and marketing side of what goes into making a song a hit. For any musician but particularly those in the electronic genre, Sean’s blog is a must for updates in the industry. We got in touch with Sean to speak to him about how he uses CoPromote, and his music suggestions. Read the interview below!

1. What type of creator are you?

I’ve been writing about dance music since late 2012. What started as a small blog of me just sharing the music I was listening to at the time grew into freelancing for one of my favorite DJs and covering more of the Washington, DC music scene. However, earlier this year, I decided to scrap that and start an entirely new project. By completely rebranding, and focusing more on the business, technology, and data behind the dance music scene, EDM Nerd was born. While I still spend plenty of time discovering and listening to new music, EDM Nerd has combined my passions for music, business, and analysis into something truly unique that I’m very excited about.

2. What do you use CoPromote for?

I originally started using CoPromote just as another channel for sharing my blog posts. I quickly discovered that it was also a great source of content. While I often suffer from writer’s block, my tweet-block is generally even stronger. CoPromote allows me to rapidly sift through relevant content and share articles and music that I think my readers and followers will enjoy. But getting the extra visibility to my own writing is pretty great too.

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3. Have you found any other users on CoPromote who you now listen to?

Definitely. There are a few artists and fellow music curators that I have followed outside of CoPromote. Recently with the change in focus of my blog, I’ve found myself reading a lot of the posts in the business & startup sections for both inspiration and advice that I try to apply in my own work.

4. What is one song of yours that you want people to hear?

One song? Hmm… Well, the album that I’ve been listening and re-listening to the most lately has got to be Galaxies Between Us by Kill Paris. It’s got way more funk and soul than a lot of electronic music out now, and I totally dig that.  Also, my soundcloud page (soundcloud.com/edmnerd) is always being updated with my favorite new tunes to nerd out to.

Click here to check out EDM Nerd and read some great content! Or tweet him here at: @TheEDMNerd

Introducing CoPromote for iOS

CoPromote’s new iOS app is now live!

Sharing content has never been easier–or more fun. With a Tinder-like mechanism of “swiping”, you can swipe left on posts you don’t want to share and right on ones you do.


With your CoPromote account connected, boost your posts on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr with one click! You can also Tap to change the tags of the content you are sharing.


You are also now able to track your boosts, and see exactly who shared your posts, and how many engagements you got. The track page’s simple design makes it easy to review key metrics.


With CoPromote’s new iOS app, connecting and sharing your content with creators just like you has never been faster or easier!


Three Tips For Creating Loyal Consumers

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So you want loyal customers but you don’t have time to become a social marketing expert. You are, after all, a creator. Here is a quick overview of three basic tips to help guide your efforts. Click through to TechCrunch to read in more detail.

1. Labour = Love

Human beings tend to love things created by them either partially or fully. Ask them to collaborate with you!

“The more effort we put into something, the more likely we are to value it.”

2. Consistency counts

The basic idea is to start with a small ask, once people say yes, they are more likely to say yes again.

“We are more likely to be consistent with our past behaviours.”

3. We avoid cognitive dissonance

We don’t want to miss out on things others like, so we learn to like things we didn’t think we could.

“We change our preferences to avoid cognitive dissonance.”

Source: http://techcrunch.com/2015/01/19/the-hidden-psychology-of-why-customers-come-back/ by Nir Eyal


Learn How to Become a YouTube Star From Kandee Johnson

Camille Santochi (@omitofo) of Fusion sat down with makeup artist, beauty blogger, and YouTube star Kandee Johnson, on what it’s like to share content to over 2 million followers on her YouTube channel.

For content creators interested in starting their own YouTube channel or are already embracing it, Kandee offers some good advice:

“Make sure that you’re starting for the right reason. Make sure that you’re starting YouTube because you want to help people — because you want to entertain people. Not because you want to get free products or because you want to be “YouTube famous” Always talk like you’re talking to your best friend or sister.”

Takeaway: It’s awesome to get feedback for your content and videos. But remember to be yourself; Be authentic, likable, and relatable to who you’re looking to reach out to.

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See the video at Fusion.

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Twitter Joins CoPromote, Offers $50 In Free Twitter Ads

Great news, CoPromoters – Twitter has joined CoPromote!

@TwitterSmallBiz is the social network’s channel for “tips, best practices and case studies to help your small biz succeed on Twitter.”

CoPromote is home to over 350,000 small businesses, entrepreneurs, and content creators sharing thousands of posts and reaching millions of people on Twitter every day.

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We are very excited by this opportunity, and look forward to much success with the @TwitterSmallBiz team!

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