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Featured CoPromoter: Social Media Guru Cara Parish

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Marketing itself is an art form that requires skill and dedication for success. Cara Parish is an example of an influencer who creates great business content and shares her knowledge of social media on her blog. We got in touch with Cara to discuss her blog, marketing, and her advice on how to promote your content.

1. What kind of creator are you?

I’m more of a strategist than a creator. I’m an International Marketing Consultant. I help creators get their content seen and heard by the people who need and want it the most. With my work my clients develop relationships with their consumers to foster brand loyalty.

2. How did you get interested in social media?

I’ve always been a nerd for the internet. Not to show off that I’m becoming an old millennial but my Xanga was viral. Haha. I grew up in a very small town and social media connected me to the world. I made friends on the internet in Asia, California, Canada etc. For a girl growing up in a West Virginia, with 30 kids in her graduating class that was something my parents couldn’t fathom.

3. What do you use CoPromote for?

I use CoPromote to find great content to share and to help my content be shared. While so much of our social media space is over ran with click bait and like farms, it’s so nice to find a community of real people sharing real content who are there to help one another get their voices heard.

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4. How big do you think cross promotion is in marketing?

Marketing at it’s very definition is promoting. Building a team of cross promoters to share your content is like having a small team of marketers with a loyalty to your content because you’ve helped them promote their content as well. So, to make it short, I think it’s invaluable.

5. What are some tips you can give to people trying to market their content on social media?

Do what your consumers want not what is trendy. Don’t post articles because that’s what your competitors are doing. Include diverse media in your tweets as often as possible either video (native uploaded from the app or via vine) or photos. I see so many people drown in the flood that is social media because they’re trying to be like the popular pages. The thing is if you want to be the popular page you have to be unique. What is your unique value proposition to your followers? What does your brand sound like and what is it here to say? Figure that out and then have fun with it.


Check out Cara’s blog! Follow her on CoPromote. 

Featured CoPromoter: Beats Master Corporatethief Beats

There is a large community of hip-hop artists on CoPromote, each with their own individual style. Daniel from The Corporatethief Beats is a creator of beats that artists use to create catchy songs. With a background in music production, he has the right ear to figure out which sounds go together. Check out the chat we had with Daniel below and his inspiration behind choosing this as a career path!


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What type of creator are you?

At my site thecorporatethiefbeats.com, I create and sell hip hop beats licenses. I also have a blog on my site where I share my music marketing information. In 2015, I completed 4 years at the Academy of Sound in Dublin, Ireland in the field of Music Production and Sound Engineering. The beat making started back in 2008 when a friend of mine let me borrow his computer with some music production software on it. Ever since then I got hooked at making hip hop beats. I took a small introductory course in music technology at Galway Technical Institute just to make sure that I want to head down this career path. There I learned how to use music production software like Logic and Pro-tools. From there I went to Academy Of Sound in Dublin where I learned all the aspects on how to mix sounds and using hardware with software. I set up my site and started to sell my hip hop beat, and I also created a blog sharing my music marketing information with other musicians.

What inspired you to produce music and create beats?

My biggest inspiration for making beats had to be my friend, Michael Joyce , who let me use his laptop with music production software on it. He showed me the basics and I got hooked. I started to watch youtube videos on beat making and really started to take this career path seriously. Using sites like warbeats.com and the community there, the competition really spurred me to create the best beats I could. I think at the same time back in 2008 Kid Cudi was just getting really big. I remember seeing this video of him in the studio vibing out to his collaboration with Kanye on “Welcome To Heartbreak“. For some reason I just knew I could never give up. No matter how hard this path was. When I was younger my Mom pushed me to learn a lot of different instruments. Some of which included the accordion , Fiddle , Piano , and I think finally I stuck with the guitar. So I had some idea of music before I started making beats. I used to write acoustic songs and perform them at open mic nights, but I always felt that beat making was like an epic video game that never ended.

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How do you use CoPromote?

I found CoPromote from a video tutorial I saw on Youtube. Everyday I am actively looking for a new way to promote my music online. I was so glad when I found CoPromote because I had used other similar content sharing sites but I just found that they weren’t music or topic specific. With CoPromote if you only want Hip Hop lovers to share your music, CoPromote will only share it with those who like hip hop. So my music or content is getting in front of the right audiences. Sometimes I share my music to get that initial boost of video views on Youtube when I release a new beat. Youtube ranks videos better based on the video engagement in the first 48 hours of the video release so CoPromote really comes in handy there. Other times I use copromote to share my blog content or my Mixtape Marketing Podcast interviews with other hip hop bloggers. I think many people will appreciate and respond better to free music marketing information compared getting pitched my rap beats all the time.

What is the most popular beat you have created?

A beat I made back in 2010. I just called it Dr Dre and Nate Dogg Type Beat. It has over 180,000 views and it has the most downloads from my main site and other beat selling sites. I created it based on inspiration from “Lay Low” featuring Dr Dre,Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg.The string sounds came from stock sounds I found in the music production software I was using at the time and I just built the beat all around those strings. It’s definitely a favourite among hip hop artists who come to my site. Many hip hop artists have created some great songs using that beat.

What is your biggest goal for The Corporatethief Beats?

My biggest goal would be to continue with my study of music production both online and offline. I am addicted to learning new ways of making beats , recording and sound engineering. I believe that my sole focus is to make thecorporatethiefbeats.com a go-to source for Music Marketing Information and hip hop beats online. I enjoy both aspects of music making and music digital marketing. Using my blog as a resource for hip hop artists or beat makers to come and learn how to promote their music using the same ideas I have tried and tested. With the blog and my Mixtape Marketing Podcast, I hope to continue to find other hip hop music marketing influencers to share music promotion advice so that we can all have one place to learn how to get our music out to the masses.

Check out The Corporatethief Beats. Connect with Daniel on CoPromote!

Top Fashion & Beauty CoPromoters

Fashion & beauty have been an aspect of the internet with its own massive followings and influencers. Within such a large community, it can be difficult to establish yourself and reach fellow fashionistas. CoPromote makes it easy for individuals to further define their audience and find like minded bloggers. Here is a list of the Top 5 Best Fashion and Beauty Creators on CoPromote.

1. Tarnya
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Blog: http://www.sweetallure.co.uk/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sweet_allure

2. Mittyra

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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/mityrraa
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mityrraa

3. Allie

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Blog: https://glamourandgloss.wordpress.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/glamour_gloss

4. Esther

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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy6E7Hxfu4r58Wf_NJSlDKg
Twitter: https://twitter.com/VioletBlu

5. Simone

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Blog: http://simplybysimone.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SIMPLYBYSIMONE

Featured CoPromoter: Fashion & Beauty Blogger La Vie En May

CoPromote is the go-to location for creators to market themselves to a targeted audience. May Chiu, the face behind the beauty blog La Vie En May, promotes her easy DIY’s, chic outfits, and makeup reviews on our platform. She’s a huge fan of collaborating with fellow bloggers and being part of a creative community. We got in touch with May to talk fashion, CoPromote, and her advice for aspiring bloggers!

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1. What kind of creator are you?

I am a fashion, beauty & DIY blogger. The content I share on my blog includes, but is not limited to, outfit posts, trend updates, product reviews, quick fix clothing tips and home decor tutorials. See more of what I create at http://www.lavieenmay.com

 2. What inspires your style?

Everything! Just the other day I saw graffiti on a wall and it made me think of how I could mix the colors together in an outfit.

3. How do you use CoPromote?

 I use CoPromote to enhance the content I share on my social media accounts. It’s a great way for me to engage with my audience. CoPromote has also been a big driver in boosting my blog’s reach, which has helped me reach a more targeted audience.

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4. What is your number one fashion tip?

My #1 fashion tip is to always be confident. Confidence is the only accessory you need to make your outfit shine. It’s not about what you wear but how you wear it.

5. What advice do you have for any aspiring fashion bloggers?

Start small. There are so many different aspects of fashion. Build your credibility in one area first and then branch out into other areas of fashion.

Check out La Vie En May! Follow May on CoPromote to keep up to date with her!

Featured CoPromoter: Electronic Duo Worldwide Groove Corporation

Before CoPromote came into existence, we used to be an app for musicians called “Headliner.fm”. Our Featured CoPromoter of the Week, electropop duo Worldwide Groove Corporation, has been a member ever since, and reached over 18 million people via CoPromote. Their songs are a combination of groovy beats, chill out instrumentals, and imaginative lyrics. Give them a listen the next time you’re in the mood for a chill out session.


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1. What type of creator are you?
We are an electronic music duo, currently putting out one new music release a month for a year.  We’re calling it the Year of the Groove.


2. How do you use CoPromote?
Each month we put out our new music release, we send out links through social media.  CoPromote has helped to amplify that message!


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3. Have you found any other musicians on CoPromote?
Yes, and actually I’ve gotten into the routine of following people on Twitter when they retweet our message, even if it’s through CoPromote.  I figure we are all trying to do what we can to get our message out there, so we might as well connect and be a community.


4.  What is one song of yours that you feel best captures your aesthetic?
We are quite diverse in the songs we release since they are created for different purposes.  I think of the last year’s worth of releases, the song Glitter & Bliss seems to bridge both ends of the spectrum between mindless easy chillout and epic electronica with metaphorical lyrics.


Check out Worldwide Groove Corporation’s soundcloud! Follow them on Twitter: @wwGrooveCorp, Facebook, and Youtube.