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Beyonce’s Lemonade: Marketing Genius

It is no secret that Beyonce’s marketing campaigns are flawless. What does it take to make an album, create a film/musical/series of music videos for it, release it on HBO, have the whole world watch it for free, solely release your album on Tidal, start your tour within the same week of the drop, AND be a human being? A great team with the ability to plan and execute flawlessly, no pun.


Lemonade, the visual album, had no release date when the single “Formation” was surprisingly released on February 6, 2016. Prior to that, Beyonce had not released an album since December of 2014. While remaining silent about her endeavors for this new album, she released a single right before her second Super Bowl halftime performance and made sure that the visual addressed the controversial racial injustices of America.

Further building her buzz, she had all of her dancers dress like Black Panthers for the Super Bowl halftime event. This threw the world in a frenzy and even had people come out to protest against her. Once the halftime performance was over, she announced the “Formation World Tour” to an average of 111.9 million TV viewers (the third largest audience in TV history). Within the first two weeks of sales, Formation sold out two New York shows, two London show, and added a second Chicago night. This was all without any indication of an album being released.

Less than two months later she announces an activewear brand called Ivy Park, along with its’ partnership with TopShop (an established UK clothing line/brand). The release entailed a visual story explaining her training at this park when she was younger and a series of photos with her in her line. STILL NO ALBUM RELEASE DATE!

As soon as she had everyone at the edge of their seat wondering what all of this could be leading up to, her marketing team along with HBO released a 5-7 second clip of “Lemonade”. There was no indication as to what it could’ve been. A short film? A music video? A documentary? The album everyone was waiting for? The release was announced and set for April 23rd, leaving a week for suspense and anticipation. As the date grew closer a longer promotional clip was released, and it still kept much of what it was a secret. It was definitely a friendly reminder that the date for release was approaching.

HBO created a perfect marriage between Beyonce’s “Lemonade” event and promotion their HBO Now service by offering all viewers a free weekend of HBO. Not only did this allow any and everyone to watch the “Lemonade” event, it also gave people access to HBO from Friday-Sunday for the series premieres of shows like “Game of Thrones” & “Silicon Valley”.


TV by the Numbers reports that Beyoncé’s film pulled in 787,000 viewers in the 18-49 demographic.” – Spin Magazine

Not bad for Queen B! Lemonade, the visual concept album, was a 58 minute long film that went through the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of her relationship with infamous rapper and mogul Jay-Z. Being that Beyonce and Jay-Z had been incredibly private about their relationship (aside from the 2014 elevator incident that went public without their consent), it was a shock for most to see and hear about her struggles with him. As if that wasn’t marketable enough, she made certain to focus on the beauty of black culture and her heritage. The visual album celebrated black women throughout her entire short film, and shed light on the pains of black women who have lost their sons due to police brutality and racial injustice. Showcasing many sides of the artist herself, it was undoubtedly the most innovative piece of work that Beyonce has put together. Directly after the release of the visual album, the album was available via Tidal and Tidal only.

Within hours of the album’s release, Tidal, the only place you can listen to “Lemonade” for now, shot towards the top of Apple’s App Store rankings. It was number 12 as of Sunday morning, even though it wasn’t even listed in the top apps list before “Lemonade” dropped. It reached as high as number 3 by Sunday afternoon.” – Tech Insider

If that wasn’t enough, Lemonade went on to break the internet. With a record of 4.1 million tweets in under 48 hours, Entertainment Weekly states that Lemonade’s twitter mentions “soared from 1.8 thousand tweets per minute to 9.2 thousand from roughly 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. The uproar has declined in recent days, but holds steady at 450 tweets per minute nearly 48 hours later.

It has been less than a week since the release of Lemonade on Saturday, and she has already kicked off her “Formation” tour on the 27th. Needless to say…the entire marketing layout for her release was a huge success. Setting Beyonce apart from any other artist of her time, she has continuously found new ways to reset the bar and innovate the release of music in the digital age. One thing is for certain, with a marketing team like hers and the ability to somehow keep all of her maneuvers under wraps…she will continue to change the music world.

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Top 5 Millennial Influencers You Should Be Following

Influencers are increasingly the go-to source for social and content marketing. With so many tastemakers breaking into the field, it can be difficult to know where to start or who to follow. Here are CoPromote’s five favorite millennial influencers combining skills, knowledge, and personal charisma to create a compelling online presence that inspires us to keep learning every day!


1. Chelsea Krost


If there is one person that is an expert in all things Millennial, it is Chelsea. From making appearances on Good Morning America to hosting weekly twitter chats titled #MillennialTalk, Chelsea’s knowledge of social media and influencer marketing makes her an indispensable resource for companies like MasterCard and Intel.

2. Sara Forte 


Sara’s Twitter and Instagram make us wish eating was a 24/7 job. Besides her amazing cooking creations, Sara loves connecting with other creators and shows us the power of collaboration! In fact, her blog, Sprouted Kitchen, is a project with her husband Hugh!

3. Patrick Jervis-Stone


Patrick is a master of the interwebs: from graphic design to photography to branding, he does it all. His blog, Get Social With Patrick, is filled with informative articles on marketing to today’s generation.

4. Andy Fidel


Using the medium of photography and film, Andy is an expert storyteller. Focusing on lifestyle, culture and performing arts, Andy uses her skills to create content that is visually appealing and catered to millennials.

5. Brooke Saward


One look at Brooke’s website will make you green with envy. Her picturesque travel blog posts inspire and make us yearn for places far and away. She is the prime example of a millenial living the off-the-beaten path life–and using social media to document it all for the rest of us.


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Featured CoPromoter: Social Media Guru Justin Matthew

The world of marketing and social media is vast and often overwhelming. CoPromoter Justin Matthew from JMHHACKER and iBoom Media has mastered the ins and outs of social marketing, and loves to share his tips! From being listed as a Klout influencer to a pioneer of the viral YouTube channel HouseholdHacker, Justin has established himself as an expert in digital marketing. We got in touch with Justin so he could share some of his tricks with us and to see how CoPromote has helped him!

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 4.49.56 PM

1. What type of creator are you?

I am an opinion leader – if I get behind a brand, I become the best ambassador of that brand.That comes from having built a very strong authority in my field based on credibility, evidence and testimonials.I also founded social media firm iBoom Media, which certainly is a plus! I am a featured influencer on the influencer network KRED and also a top ranked expert on Klout.

2. What got you interested in the world of marketing and blogging about it?

I first started on YouTube (Householdhacker) and realized to be successful, you needed more than just a subscriber base from videos alone. You must have fans/followers on all types of mediums that see YOU as the expert for that topic. I saw the results skyrocket when I established a Facebook, Twitter and blog that posted or wrote about content similar to the channels topics.

What amazed me was how many people respond when you have quality content.
I like creating and sharing content as it is incredibly fulfilling when I see direct results from others saying how this article helped them in their business or some other way.
A good content marketing strategy usually always means having a blog. Done correctly, it allows you to build an audience of interested and like-minded people.

Finally marketing using a blog allows you or your brand to become well known for your expertise. You become the source of your audiences information on the subject and that is a lot of power!

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 1.24.33 PM


3. How important is digital marketing today?

It is no longer an option! For almost every business to succeed today, they must have a strong digital presence online for reaching new clients & brand visibility. Digital marketing is used to create organic search results. Today most consumers get the info they are looking for through search engine results so in order to make sure your company is the one they find it is critical to have a digital marketing strategy in place.

A well maintained blog will provide fresh and relevant content. That usually means an increase in site visitors & user engagement which equals conversions!
That is where Social Media Marketing comes in by utilizing a variety of social media platforms you can create new opportunities to interact and connect with potential customers and clients.

4. How have you used CoPromote to increase your readership?

CoPromote has been a MASSIVE tool to increase not only traffic but genuine interaction not just for my blog but for my clients. So far I have used CoPromote to boost 31 tweets for 329 retweets and an AMAZING 3.5 million people reached! That averages out to over an extra 100,000 people per post!

31 Boosted posts
329 New shares received
3.5M New people reached

Being a marketer I know the value of being able to get my content in front of that many people, and not just anyone, but targeted based on the interests CoPromote’s platform offers!
To be honest I even tested that out to see if it was accurate. I had a piece of content for a client that was film and entertainment related but still entered my normal interests like advertising, business, marketing and startups. Due to the fact that that was not what the post was about, it was not co-promoted at all! A few days later I redid it with the proper interests movies and film, television and entertainment and was able to reach an additional 100,000 people and ended up with 34 retweets 17 from my followers and 17 from CoPromote! The content was very important to me and it was a massive relief to have the power of CoPromote behind me.

116.3K Organic reach
99,833 CoPromote reach
86% Increase

As far as readership for my blog, my very first post I CoPromoted was a general link to my blog, The World Of Social Media, and mentioned what it was about. It exploded with 53 retweets to over 712,000 people and 31 additional from my followers. We are talking over 600% more reach because of CoPromote. That led to a surge in my daily visitors and even increased time on site! So now, every time I post a new article it goes on CoPromote and helps me get that initial blast to get the word out.

31 Organic retweets
53 CoPromote retweets
115.3K Organic reach
712K CoPromote reach
618% Increase


Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 4.51.51 PM

5. What are three essential social media tips you can give to beginners?

First – When I first broke into social media four years ago, I thought I was very late to the game and tried to make up for it by setting up accounts on every network that existed. It became way too much to manage to fast and because of that I got frustrated. So I would say start small try a couple services out at a time. Trying to keep up with 25 networks and grow them will be your ticket to giving up. Building profiles for multiple social sites is serious and should take time from the bio to images used, start by only tackling a couple at first like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Once you have a system down move on to the next two or three and so on. Once you find the right ones for you or your brand, then start to narrow your focus on those.

Second – and yes, I can say I am guilty of this one: Don’t over post or annoy your followers! Many just starting out think the best way to “promote” their brand is to post coupons, offers, news, and anything related to their business or even unrelated! A good way to manage this is If it’s not something you personally would not read don’t post it! It’s very important to be helpful first and not just all promotions – people respect that and your accounts will reap the rewards! Be sure to answer questions, and engage. The followers will come if you’re helpful first.

Third – a big one, and yes, I fell victim to this one too: Do not watch your follower count like a hawk. Don’t worry about those e-books or articles you see that say How I got 50,000 followers in a week! Yes it can be done and quite easily actually BUT they will be mostly bots or not targeted. Or they’re just following you in hopes that you’ll follow them back. Bottom line: they’re not followers who would engage with you. When I founded social media firm iBoom media, our entire core message is: REAL FOLLOWERS. REAL RESULTS. We would rather have 10 followers who are interested in your product or topic than 100,000 that are not. Organically building up a great social profile takes time but TRUST me do this right from Day 1 and you will save yourself a ton of time later. DO NOT buy fake followers or sign up for follow for follow websites.

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3 Twitter Follower Management Tools

When Twitter first burst onto the social media scene, your profile was judged on the number of followers you had. This demand for quantity produced many services that sold twitter followers, and essentially bumped the number on your profile using a bit of computer code.

Today, marketers are more focused on the number of reach and engagements your account has. “Bot” followers or “eggs” do not give you an increase in impressions, favorite your tweets, or read them. Your rating on Twitter Audit or Status People is a strong indicator to potential partners on the quality of your twitter account.

Luckily, there are several tools out there to help you clean up your account and make sure it is followed by real people. Not only do you increase your overall reach by blocking and managing your followers, you also make the social web a better place to share.

1. Tweepi
A free-mium service that helps organize your twitter account, and make sure it is up to date. You can unfollow people who are not active, people who do not follow you, and also make people unfollow you through their “Force to Unfollow You” feature. It is visually pleasing, and has a very simple and easy to use UI.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 5.38.46 PM

2. ManageFlitter
Similar to Tweepi, ManageFlitter analyzes your twitter account for all the fakes, in-actives, and bad accounts. It allows you to unfollow people you follow who have fake profiles, as well as block those accounts that are following you with bad profiles. They divide their dashboard into several helpful categories, including profiles with no picture, non-english profiles, inactive users and several more.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 5.58.56 PM

3. StatusPeople
StatusPeople is a great tool to help you see how many fake followers your twitter account has, as well as how many followers are inactive. It also has an automatic block feature which allows you to block these spam accounts in one go. You can connect multiple twitter accounts, and get follower analytics.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 6.17.03 PM


Have you used any of these tools before? Are there any other tools you have found to help you manage your twitter account?

Gamers are a Vital Part of your Marketing Strategy

Gamers have always made up a large segment of the online demographic. With an abundance of popular gaming channels on YouTube, it is a surprise that marketers have never before considered them as a target audience.

Check out Google’s article to read more about why gamers should be your next target audience.