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Top 5 Millennial Influencers You Should Be Following

Influencers are increasingly the go-to source for social and content marketing. With so many tastemakers breaking into the field, it can be difficult to know where to start or who to follow. Here are CoPromote’s five favorite millennial influencers combining skills, knowledge, and personal charisma to create a compelling online presence that inspires us to keep learning every day!


1. Chelsea Krost


If there is one person that is an expert in all things Millennial, it is Chelsea. From making appearances on Good Morning America to hosting weekly twitter chats titled #MillennialTalk, Chelsea’s knowledge of social media and influencer marketing makes her an indispensable resource for companies like MasterCard and Intel.

2. Sara Forte 


Sara’s Twitter and Instagram make us wish eating was a 24/7 job. Besides her amazing cooking creations, Sara loves connecting with other creators and shows us the power of collaboration! In fact, her blog, Sprouted Kitchen, is a project with her husband Hugh!

3. Patrick Jervis-Stone


Patrick is a master of the interwebs: from graphic design to photography to branding, he does it all. His blog, Get Social With Patrick, is filled with informative articles on marketing to today’s generation.

4. Andy Fidel


Using the medium of photography and film, Andy is an expert storyteller. Focusing on lifestyle, culture and performing arts, Andy uses her skills to create content that is visually appealing and catered to millennials.

5. Brooke Saward


One look at Brooke’s website will make you green with envy. Her picturesque travel blog posts inspire and make us yearn for places far and away. She is the prime example of a millenial living the off-the-beaten path life–and using social media to document it all for the rest of us.


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CoPromote Featured on Built In NYC

Built in NYC is a great resource for recruiting and networking with startups and talent. Our CEO Mike More recently spoke with them and shared CoPromote’s mission.

“I saw that one thing missing for creators was a piece of marketing technology, so they resorted to collaborations,” said More. “We thought it’d be much easier if there was a piece of software that allows creators to market themselves to like-minded individuals.”

Check out the rest at BuiltinNYC!


Yahoo & The Academy Awards: The Impact of Social Features & Influencers

Yahoo’s advertising team recently shared some interesting findings from a case study on the impact of social features using the Academy Awards as an example. They came up with some interesting results on how social sharing can boost a brand’s profile and engagement. More info below via Yahoo.

The Impact of Social Features

Today, social is about more than just posting personal updates. Consumers use social networks to broadcast everything from what brands they like, to what TV shows they are watching and how they just voted for their favorite stars online. This opens up a world of opportunities for brands, but what does this engagement mean for brand advertisers?

To help answer this question, Yahoo! measured the brand impact for a major auto brand’s sponsorship of Yahoo!’s Academy Awards page during the 2011 Oscars. We spoke to 1,505 online entertainment fans and measured the increase in ad effectiveness between two sponsored Academy Awards pages: one with social features (test site) and one without (control site). The social feature within the test site was a sponsored Oscar winners voting module with a Facebook sharing feature. Both sites integrated a 300×250 and a 235×60 banner ad for an auto brand.

Did influencers respond to ads with social features?

• Brand metrics especially increased among influencers.

— 15% increase in influencers’ total unaided ad awareness

— 100% increase in influencers who stated that the auto brand “cares about its customers”

— 45% increase in influencers who stated that the auto brand was “fun”