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Headliner CEO Mike More on Facebook’s New Timeline for Brands

Timeline for brand and band pages is great news for bands. Overall it will make marketing better for bands and more relevant for music fans.

One of the big effects of the new timeline pages is a move away from tabbed application landing pages, which today are very popular, but do little to engage music fans. Lets face it, static landing pages are not that interesting.

 The new timeline format will make marketing on Facebook more natural and conversational. The timeline formant focuses attention around your stories or news feed items which is a dynamic experience and much more interesting for fans.

A major benefit of the new timeline pages is that it will remind bands to listen more to their fans and engage them in interesting conversations around music, the road and their daily lives. This, without a doubt, results in happier fans.

 Another new key timeline feature is that it lets bands see their most reactive news feed posts and share them with fans more broadly. This is key in spreading the word about your band, and, as many of you know, the best form of marketing.

And lastly but most importantly over 45% of your fans are checking you out on their mobile phones. The timeline will greatly increase your band’s reach while requiring less work. One status update and you’re done. This is much better than having to buy mobile ads in addition.

All in all, these changes require that bands become more conversational with their fans but this is a good thing, no? After all, the power of
 Facebook and Twitter is in you sharing your stories and music with the world.

New Facebook Study Supports Headliner.fm In-Stream Marketing

New Facebook Study Supports Headliner.fm In-Stream Marketing

With new data backing up its innovative digital strategy, Headliner.fm, the groundbreaking “recommendation exchange” service for musicians, has cemented its reputation as one of the most efficient, organic and innovative ways for artists to reach new fans through in-stream social media marketing, from independent musicians to stars like Weezer, Rob Thomas and Pitbull.

Headliner’s focus on marketing in the news-feed was backed-up by a new study from digital measurement company comScore, which found that Facebook users spend more than a quarter of their time on the site interacting with the news-feed and that users are 40-150x more likely to consume branded content in the news-feed rather than in the fan page itself. This has worked to the benefit of the news-feed-based Headliner.fm, which now connects 75,000+ artists with more than 250 million music fans, and is the only marketing platform that works in-stream rather than through the applications tab.

“The people who win on Headliner.fm are the people that send the best quality recommendations to their fans,” co-founder Mike More recently said in a Musician Coaching piece that was picked-up by Billboard.biz. “And if you recommend good things to your fans, you will build affinity with your fan base and they will be responsive to your messages.

Explore Headliner’s innovative platform here: http://headliner.fm/

About Headliner: Headliner.fm, founded in 2010 by Mike More, Bill Cromie, and Chris Lee, is an innovative social recommendation service that enables musicians at any stage of their career to connect with each other and reach new fans on the social platforms, through recommendation exchange where it matters most, in the Facebook news feed and Twitter status updates themselves. This first-of-its-kind service provides reach to large groups of new fans authentically and organically at a fraction of the cost of current advertising and marketing opportunities, and has been used by over 110,000 artists to reach hundreds of millions of fans worldwide. With Headliner.fm, artists help other artists reach new fans.

For more information on Headliner.fm, please contact Rebecca Shapiro []rshapiro@shorefire.com] or Jon Bleicher [jbleicher@shorefire.com] at Shore Fire Media, 718.522.7171