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O.A.R. Picks Ryanhood as Headliner’s Band of the Month

Ryanhood is Ryan Green and Cameron Hood – called “a match made in radio heaven” by the Arizona Daily Star. They’ve shared stages with Jason Mraz, Matt Nathanson, and Train, and even been tweeted about by Ellen Degeneres, who shared the band with millions of her followers. Their sweet and soaring harmonies, mesmerizing guitar melodies, and honest, searching lyrics all fit somewhere between Simon & Garfunkel, Arcade Fire, Mumford & Sons, and Jimmy Eat World.
Ryanhood was chosen by O.A.R. as the latest Headliner.fm Band of the Month, and received a shout out on all of O.A.R.’s social networks, reaching 500,000 fans. To check out their tunes and hear why they were chosen by O.A.R., go to their site and grab a free download for yourself. Congratulations, Ryanhood! Can’t wait to see what’s next for you.
To find out more about Headliner’s Band of the Month contest and see previous winners, check the link below.

Headliner’s New Motto: Small Acts When Multiplied by Millions of People Can Transform the World. #Community

Why Reach Matters, a Follow Up

As a follow up to my guest blog post on Hypebot, I wanted to clarify my most important point: Why Reach Matters.

We get this question from our artists all the time: “How do I get new Likes or Follows?” While there is some value in Likes and Followers it’s not as much as most artists think. Reach, on the other hand, has much more, long-term marketing value.

Take a blog post, for example; it is not that different from a new song. When I create a post, my goal is to reach as wide an audience as possible. Some readers will Like or Share the post as well, but that is like gravy and only serves to expand my reach. My primary goal and benefit is Reach, which allows me to establish contact and then build engagement in the form of feedback, comments and Likes. I want to drive this point home to artists who have been conditioned to be believe that automatic Likes and Followers are a more important result than engagement.

As data and trends support, they are not! An entire cottage industry has sprouted up around the measurement of social media. Even a cursory glance at the most basic influence rating tool will show that the most important metric being measured is Reach. From services like Klout and HootSuite to Facebook’s own ad platform, the key measure of a successful social campaign is influence–and that is attained through reach and engagement.

All of the major artists we work with understand this basic truth about social networks like Facebook, Tumblr, Myspace and Twitter. Likes, Followers and Sharing aren’t possible if you can’t even get your music to cut through the noise. It’s understandable that many artists confuse Likes, Followers and Shares with Reach: they’ve been sold on the idea that this is where the conversation ends. Truly successful artists understand that reaching new music lovers is just the beginning of building loyal fan relationships.