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Headliner Milestone: 300 Million Fans Strong – And Growing!

Headliners, stand up and give yourselves a round of applause, you guys! You make Headliner great.

Over the last year, Headliner’s growth has been off the chart – almost literally. From 78 million in September of 2010, to 315 million in October 2011. That’s a growth rate of almost 400% in just 12 months. We help 1000’s of artists share their music with over 15 million new fans daily.

We are extremely honored and proud to be serving such a vast network of music fans, artists, tastemakers and influencers. Each time a new member joins Headliner, it expands our collective reach by that many more music lovers who are eager to discover each artists through custom recommendations from musicians they already love.

We would like to thank all the great artists who have support us and use Headliner – none of this would be possible without you! Every band that uses Headliner contributes to our network’s reach and makes Headliner more valuable for everyone involved.

We appreciate your love and support. It is our great pleasure to continue to provide you all the best social marketing platform.