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Tip: Targeting Friends of Fans

One of the options when creating a Facebook ad campaign is targeting friends of friends. It is an option that is often overlooked, because so much emphasis is commonly placed on stockpiling as many “LIKES” as quickly as possible. But, if you stop and think about it, targeting friends of fans makes perfect sense. After all, when it comes to turning people on to a new experience, nothing beats a recommendation from someone you trust. And that is precisely what Headliner empowers musicians to do. Our entire system is built on the philosophy that a single recommendation from a trustworthy source has equal if not more value than a generic ad.

As the Starbucks graph (via Hypebot ) shows, fans are the core of any promotional campaign, but the field is actually quite larger than that. If you just expand your reach one more level beyond fans to where the friends of fans are, you’ve amplified your acquisition opportunities many, many times over.  However popular you are and how ever many friends you have, there will always be more people in the world that you don’t know than people that you do know. Even if you’re Lady Gaga.

You can apply this ripple effect to your Facebook ads, and it may get you Likes, but they will still be ads and will still appear off to the side of the conversation. Or, you can use Headliner and let us place your message directly where fans and their friends are chatting about music they love.