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Connected Consumer Affinity, or Get To Know Your Fans

We all want to think of music as art, and fans as devotees with great taste, but if we ignore that music is a business and fans are consumers, we risk never being able to quit our day jobs. Ideally, we would all be discovered overnight and get our own “Behind the Music” special simply for being kick-ass artists. But for many indie bands, promotion is like a second job. These days, moving units means getting to know your fans as well as you would like them to know and love your music.

Mashable recently posted a piece with a few tips on building connections with your consumers. How can you apply  these to your band and the business of promoting your music?

Check out the entire article HERE.

“Nine Laws of Consumer Affinity”

1. Identify where connected consumer attention is focused.

2. Define a higher purpose — genuine intentions that will attract connected consumers and give them something to align with.

3. Establish an identity and a presence worthy of affiliation. Give people something to believe in — something exciting to be a part of.

4. Design your engagement strategies to be beneficial and shareable — this is, after all, about shared experiences.

5. Localize the value, content, storefront and engagement program to match the culture and activity within each direct-to-consumer (D2C) community.

6. This isn’t a power play; stay consistent and dedicated through meaningful interaction.

7. Remain true to the original mission and intention. Do not be swayed by short-term temptations.

8. Recognize and reward community participants — reciprocity is a strong pillar of community relationships.

9. The adaptive business will listen, learn and change based on the needs of the connected consumer. That way, a brand will consistently stay relevant and valuable.


Headliner Milestone: 300 Million Fans Strong – And Growing!

Headliners, stand up and give yourselves a round of applause, you guys! You make Headliner great.

Over the last year, Headliner’s growth has been off the chart – almost literally. From 78 million in September of 2010, to 315 million in October 2011. That’s a growth rate of almost 400% in just 12 months. We help 1000’s of artists share their music with over 15 million new fans daily.

We are extremely honored and proud to be serving such a vast network of music fans, artists, tastemakers and influencers. Each time a new member joins Headliner, it expands our collective reach by that many more music lovers who are eager to discover each artists through custom recommendations from musicians they already love.

We would like to thank all the great artists who have support us and use Headliner – none of this would be possible without you! Every band that uses Headliner contributes to our network’s reach and makes Headliner more valuable for everyone involved.

We appreciate your love and support. It is our great pleasure to continue to provide you all the best social marketing platform.

Tip: Targeting Friends of Fans

One of the options when creating a Facebook ad campaign is targeting friends of friends. It is an option that is often overlooked, because so much emphasis is commonly placed on stockpiling as many “LIKES” as quickly as possible. But, if you stop and think about it, targeting friends of fans makes perfect sense. After all, when it comes to turning people on to a new experience, nothing beats a recommendation from someone you trust. And that is precisely what Headliner empowers musicians to do. Our entire system is built on the philosophy that a single recommendation from a trustworthy source has equal if not more value than a generic ad.

As the Starbucks graph (via Hypebot ) shows, fans are the core of any promotional campaign, but the field is actually quite larger than that. If you just expand your reach one more level beyond fans to where the friends of fans are, you’ve amplified your acquisition opportunities many, many times over.  However popular you are and how ever many friends you have, there will always be more people in the world that you don’t know than people that you do know. Even if you’re Lady Gaga.

You can apply this ripple effect to your Facebook ads, and it may get you Likes, but they will still be ads and will still appear off to the side of the conversation. Or, you can use Headliner and let us place your message directly where fans and their friends are chatting about music they love.

Headliner Milestone: Now over 200 Million Fans Strong

Headliner.fm: 200 Million Fans Strong

Early today, Headliner reached a milestone in its young, ambitious life: It surpassed 200 million fans!

Based on the time-honored relationship between headlining bands and opening acts, Headliner allows musicians to leverage their social currency for cross-promotion. By exchanging messages through their social networks, artists raise each others’ profiles and reach music lovers that are more likely to become fans. We have helped over 75,000 artists including Rob Thomas, Diddy, T-Pain and Maroon 5 reach millions of new fans. After all, there’s no recommendation like the one you get from your favorite band!

It’s a win/win for everyone. Artists get new fans, music lovers discover new bands – and it’s all done, free and easy through Headliner’s simple, powerful tools. At this rate, the half-billion fan milestone doesn’t seem too far away. Thanks to all the artists who have help us get here. For more on how you can join, check Headliner.fm.