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How CoPromote Helps You Reach New Audiences

CoPromote helps you reach new target audiences by matching you with similar content creators who agree to share your posts on their Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr feeds. Every time one of our members shares your post, you reach their followers and you become part of each other’s CoPromote network. The more you leverage your network, the more new people your content can reach.

What you will need to do after you join:

  • Connect your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr).
  • Select a general category and interest that best describes your content to share. (Examples: Music, Apps, Sports)
  • Create your first promotion (Boost a post from your social network feeds).
  • Check your promotion requests and track your progress (see who is sharing your posts and where).

What CoPromote will do:

  • Match you with similar members based on your settings.
  • Notify similar members of your request to boost your post on their social networks.
  • Update you on all the activity within CoPromote, and all of the engagements with your posts once they’ve been shared.
  • Advise you on how to optimize your account and campaigns.

How CoPromote does it:

When you connect your social networks to us, you will be asked to give CoPromote permissions to “manage” your account. This is standard procedure with social apps. CoPromote chooses the option with the most permissions for convenience, but we will not manage your social networks or modify your profile. We use the data from your social feeds to match you with people sharing similar content on CoPromote. We use the links in the post to track engagements. And we use the permissions to post when you agree to share a post. CoPromote never posts without permission, and we encourage all of our members to be selective and only share content their followers will find engaging.

See our FAQ and How It Works