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Play SoundCloud in Twitter!

Great news from our friends at SoundCloud!

The SoundCloud widgets now embed directly in Twitter, meaning fans can play your songs in their streams, making it faster, easier and more fun to share your music.

Try adding a SoundCloud link to your next Headliner.fm promotion. Be sure to connect your SoundCloud to Headliner, so people can preview your music when they receive your request.

Happy sharing!

Tip: Connecting SoundCloud and Tumblr

Tumblr Partners with SoundCloud

Tumblr <3 SoundCloud

Tumblr said it best: “Like music? We fucking love music.”

Proof: now you can paste any SoundCloud url into your audio post, as well as search SoundCloud directly from Tumblr. The number of uploads is unlimited and your post will include album info, rendered to fit your theme, making for an attractive post that is easy to manage. Additionally, SoundCloud added a Tumblr button to it’s share function. We know musicians love Tumblr, so we’re curious to see how the Headliner community makes use of these new features. If you’re on Tumblr, be sure to let us know and follow us at headlinerfm.tumblr.com.

SoundCloud's Tumblr Share button

SoundCloud's Tumblr Share button

For more info, check SoundCloud or Tumblr’s blogs.