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The Evolution of Web Distribution

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Hypebot posted an interesting piece on the Evolution of Web Distribution, a core concern for independent musicians. In the post, Topspin CEO Ian Rogers highlights how new distribution channels have become standardized by 2011, using Spotify and Mog as examples. Rogers also reinforces an idea at the core of Headliner’s recommendation philosophy – the importance of trusted brands in an evermore crowded web, or “mass of niches.”


“Everyone is a publisher. Consumers have unlimited choice. But what will they choose? How do we find what we want to consume? Everyone wants us to click on this, subscribe to their that. As the noise floor raises, consumers are naturally going to be looking for help finding the bits that are most relevant to them. Our social graph will always be an incredibly important filter. But look at the “innovation” Google+ brought and the “subscribe” feature Facebook just rolled out; they’re both Twitter-like unidirectional “follow”s, so I can follow the stream of someone who I’m not friends with. Why would I want to do that? Because I’m interested in what they have to say and trust them to be one of my filters, even though I don’t know them.”

There is plenty to take in, including a handy list of 5 common traps to avoid while building your brand; we’ve just highlighted some key points here. Head over to Hypebot and read up more on the evolution of web distribution and how you can make it for you as an independent musician (and hopefully, how you can use Headliner as part of your ongoing strategy).

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