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CoPromote CEO Mike More Shares Entrepreneurial Insight In Mattermark

Our CEO Mike More was the Featured Founder on the daily newsletter published by Mattermark, one the leading companies providing analysis of startups to venture capitalists.

In the Q&A, Mike shares some insight into the creation and success of CoPromote.

Read through and consider ways that you can apply some of these ideas to your work.

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The Value of Reach: “Making Digital Brand Campaigns Better”

From Facebook Studio blog:

Today at IAB MIXX, Brad Smallwood, Facebook’s Head of Measurement and Insights, discussed findings from a study conducted in partnership with Datalogix—using a new tool that connects ad exposure (seeing a brand’s ad) on Facebook with in-store purchases (buying the brand’s product).”

After analyzing 50 digital campaigns, they came up with the following key conclusions. [Emphasis in italics is ours.]

  • Impressions create value. 99 percent of sales generated from online branding ad campaigns were from people that saw, but did not interact with, ads— proof that it is the delivery of the marketing message to the right consumer, not the click, that creates real value for brand advertisers.
  • Reach drives revenue for online brand marketers. This is a concept very familiar to TV marketers, who often start with a reach objective—but until now hadn’t been proven for online. When applied to digital brand campaigns, the study demonstrated that campaigns that maximized reach had on average a 70 percent higher return-on-investment.
  • Finding the right message frequency is key. The study revealed that for online brand campaigns, if you reallocated high frequency impressions to people seeing too few impressions, you would see a 40 percent increase in ROI with the same budget. What this means is that for every online campaign there is a “sweetspot” of effective frequency that maximizes return on investment, and that the DataLogix tool can help marketers empirically isolate that sweetspot for each brand and campaign.

More: http://www.facebook-studio.com/news/item/making-digital-brand-campaigns-better

Takeaway: If you’re frustrated because you are not seeing a direct, instant correlation between reaching people and getting them to buy your stuff, you’re not alone. Show your stuff frequently enough to the right people and you will start to reap the value of reach.

– Headlinerfm

Next Big Sound: Social Music Analytics 2012

Fan activity on Soundcloud tripled in 2012, making it the fastest growing social service for music.

More: http://nxt.bg/2012 #stateoftheindustry




Headliner.fm is Hiring: Data Scientist

One of the top music startups is looking for you!

Ranked #4 in Billboard’s 10 Top Music Startups of 2011, Headliner.fm is a breakthrough application that disrupts the rules of sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms. We have over 100,000 users, reaching over 300 million fans. Every day, we reach over 15 million people. In a little over 1 year, we have become the number one in-stream sharing platform on the social web. We’ve got huge scale potential and serious traction and are looking for a Data Scientist to help us leverage all the behavior data from our active community.

Ideal Candidate:

The ideal candidate will posses a combination of skills including statistics, mathematics, computer science, business analysis, and product development as well as expertise with recommendation engines and social web applications. An innate obsession with data based experiments, including A/B tests is a plus. The ultimate goal is interpreting the data to a useful end.

You should be comfortable working in a team environment, as well as by yourself. We are looking for someone who can manage their own workflow, write specifications, discuss business strategy, and set project goals. Enthusiasm for collaborative development is a must.


–       Define, design, and build projects that leverage our data

–       Develop algorithms that can scale to very large data sets

–       Design and develop a content classification system

–       Determine and implement mechanisms to improve our data quality

–       Design and test calculation logic and visualization methods for key metrics

Design and testing predictive and other statistical models

Skills and Requirements:

–       A passion for data and analytics

–       Experience with large dataset analysis

–       Experience with MySQL

Knowledge or Experience of the following is a Plus:

–       ‘NoSQL’ architectures and tools

–       Machine Learning

–       Recommendation Engines

–       Text Analytics

–       Social Network Analytics

Culture is crucial to our organization. We believe in science, evidence, testing and each other. If you’re interested in working in an extremely low-bureaucracy but high-impact environment, this is the place for you!