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Live Now: Headliner’s New Dashboard, Plus “Next Steps”

We have made some updates to the dashboard to help you navigate the site more easily.

Please note the Next Steps box on the right side. This will help you make sure your account is set up properly. If anything is missing from your profile, you will see a link to the page that will help you complete your registration.

For example, if you didn’t add your industry to your profile, you will see a link: Describe Your Industry. This helps us match you with other users similar to you.

Once you have a complete profile, the list of Next Steps will disappear.

Please check the screenshot below to see an example.

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 4.29.27 PM


Let us know if you have any questions or need help with your account.

Jorge / Headliner.fm


Best & Most Performing Promos

Headliner’s New My Promotions Screen

Say “Hello” to the new My Promotions screen! Using your feedback, we’ve made easier to track the performance of your Headliner promotions. The goal is to help you identify what is working best so you can optimize your mix of message and targets for reaching new fans. Thanks again for all of your input via live chat, email, and on our social networks. We always keep your ideas and suggestions in mind, so keep them coming!

Summary Tab
Monitor the Reach, Recommendations and Engagements for your live promotions with a quick glance at this chart.  As before, clicking on a point of the chart will display additional analytics for that promotion.
Each row represents basic stats: time left for others to accept, percentage of the promotion that has been posted to profiles so far, how many recommendations, reach and engagement.  Click “Analytics” for additional information.

All Promotions Tab
Here you can sort all of your promotions by Best Performing, Most Recommended, Most Reached, Most Engaged and Most Recent. Depending on your goal, you can use this information to create more effective promotion messages!
How do you determine Best Performing?
We use an algorithm that accounts for three things: 1)  Your Acceptance Rate (impressions vs. acceptances); 2) Reach (total shares); and 3) Engagement Rate (clicks, likes, shares, etc.).
How do you rate Best Performing Promotions?
Each promotion is rated with 1-5 stars, 5 being the best.  The average performing promotion on Headliner is 3 stars. The rating system will help you understand how each promotion is doing, and how you compare with other Headliner users overall.

Promotion Details
Keep track of the criteria you selected when you set up your promotion, for example: targeted genres, additional artists, specific networks, dates selected, etc. Keep this information in mind, as they can help you determine how many Band Bucks you are potentially spending.
Where is the Artist Status Chart?
In the Promotion Status box, click on the blue View All link to see their status.
Where is the Withdrawing Link?
At the bottom of Promotion Details you will find a large red button. Click on that to stop the promotion.
That’s all for now! As always, if you have any questions or suggestions contact us.

Headliner.fm Update: New Top Summary

Headliner.fm New Top SummaryHeadliner community, we’ve updated our dashboard with a new top summary. The functions for the features will remain the same, but the descriptions should help you better understand how your Headliner account is working.

We value your feedback, so please comment or share the post with fellow Headliners via your social networks. We hope this redesign helps you better monitor your Headliner campaigns.

Band Bucks:

Band Bucks are Headliner’s virtual currency. Band Bucks can be used to request recommendations from fellow Headliner artists. You can earn Band Bucks by accepting others’ recommendation requests. The more Band Bucks you have, the more fans you can reach. While your requests are being reviewed your Band Bucks are Pending. If they’re not used, your Band Bucks are returned to you.


This is the total number of recommendations you have received from fellow Headliner artists. The smaller number indicates the increase from the previous week. The more recommendations you have, the larger your network.

New Fans Reached:

The number of music fans exposed to your promotion.  This is the total number of fans connected to the artists who accepted your promotion request. The smaller number indicates the increase in audience from the previous week.


This is the number of times that your recommendation was Clicked, Liked, Re-tweeted or received a comment. The higher the number, the better your engagement opportunities.