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CoPromote Holiday Lights Contest!

May every joy be yoursthis Holiday Season-2

The month of December brings about the most eye-catching displays and arrays of lights. CoPromote decided to thank its community of amazing creators by having our first ever Holiday Lights Contest. We want to see how CoPromoters from around the world celebrate!

Show us how you creatively decorate your homes and bring out the holiday spirit!

To enter, simply tweet, instagram or email us (support@copromote.com) a photo using the hashtag #COPROMOTEHOLIDAY

The winner will get a feature on the CoPromote blog, as well as a 3 month Platinum membership to CoPromote(a $300 value), and of course, unlimited bragging rights.

Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year from everyone at CoPromote!

Contests vs Sweepstakes: Which is allowed on CoPromote and Why

Contests and sweepstakes are great ways to drive traffic, engagements and generate leads. While CoPromote supports these goals, we draw a distinction between the two types of experiences (which often have different legal requirements, as well).

Here’s a quick explanation of the difference between contests and sweepstakes, and why CoPromote allows one but not the other.


Contests involve submitting original work to be evaluated by judges. This content can take the form of photos, songs, videos, crafts, and other items that are made by the person submitting them in hopes of winning.

This type of content is allowed on CoPromote for the simple reason that it requires the creation of original content, which is what CoPromote is all about. By creating and judging original content, you are creating an experience that is rewarding to all participants, regardless of who wins.



Sweepstakes do not involve any skill or submission of original content, and some may require a purchase to enter. Sweepstakes, like lotteries, are won simply by luck – a random winner is selected, with little to no effort on their behalf.

This type of content is not allowed on CoPromote as it does not meet our requirement for original content creation. Since anyone can enter regardless of skill or investment in the field, it also does not meet our requirement that posts be targeted to like-minded communities.

Why it matters

CoPromote was launched by creators who embraced tech and data to scale their reach and grow their networks. This is best achieved by using original content that is targeted to a specific community who is invested in your particular field. If your content gets flagged as sweepstakes and rejected by our moderation process, you now understand the difference and can do something awesome about it.

Have you run a successful contest for your content? Let us know, we may consider it for future posts!

CoPromote’s Private Party In LA Contest

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We’re throwing a Private Party in LA and you have a chance to win an exclusive ticket to the celebration!

CoPromote is launching our Ambassador Program with Vine and Youtube creators.

Respond to this post with the hashtag #CoPromoteLA for your chance to win! Only 20 people will be chosen…and you can be one of them.

Play Live Nation’s #MillionTweets for a Chance to Meet Kelly Clarkson in New York

Head over to Live Nation #MillionTweets and enter for your chance to win.

It’s as easy as Tweeting out their official message.

You can play daily and there are a lot of other great prizes along the way to a #MillionTweets.

The three Headliner members who share Live Nation’s Kelly Clarkson promotions through us and get the best engagements will each win a choice of Headliner goodies, including: an Artist Spotlight on Headliner’s exchange, a free Headliner Pro account for a month, and 100,000 in Karma Cash.

But, hurry. The concert is August 21st, so you only have a few days to play!

Good luck!
The Headliner Team

Enter for your chance to win here:

Kevin Rudolf Judges Headliner’s Band of the Month Contest!

Hey Headliners! It’s time for a new Band of the Month contest. This time, the judge is Kevin Rudolf, one of the music industry’s most respected and in-demand guitarists, songwriters and producers.

Kevin’s already made his mark with Lil Wayne, Cash Money records, and gigs with everyone from Lil Kim to Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado to name a few. So whatever your genres, if you’ve got rock star potential, Rudolf will surely hear it. The winner will get a shout out from Kevin on his Facebook and Twitter to almost half a million fans and followers, as well as a Pro Headliner account.

Check the contest page to sign up. Or just drop us a line and let us know you’re interested.

Good luck!

Guitarist/Producer Kevin Rudolf

A genre-jumping singer, songwriter, producer, and guitarist based in Miami, FL, Kevin Rudolf grew up in New York City. With his mother working as a singer, the young Rudolf was introduced to the nightclub scene at a very young age. By the time he got his first guitar at the age of 12, he had already been exposed to all sorts of bands and many different genres of music. His teens would be filled with the usual basement bands and local bar combos, but when he bought a keyboard and computer he was able to break out on his own, recording the genre-blending music he wanted to and learning how to produce and engineer in the process. The one-man band and producer was then signed to Madonna’s Maverick label under the pseudonym Binocular. A self-titled ’80s-flavored album from the project appeared in 2001, but beyond some positive reviews it went unnoticed. After scrapping the project, it was through a chance meeting with engineer Jimmy Douglass that Rudolf was introduced to superstar producer Timbaland. He had just planned to watch the recording session, but when Timbaland found out Rudolf could play guitar he had him plug in and contribute to Lil’ Kim’s 2003 hit “The Jumpoff.” It was the first of many collaborations between the producer and guitarist, and soon Rudolf was adding work with the Black Eyed Peas, Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado, and David Banner to his résumé. In late September of 2008, Rudolf launched his solo career on the Cash Money label with the rock-rap blend “Let It Rock,” featuring special guest Lil Wayne. The instant hit single was a teaser for Rudolf’s debut album, In the City, which landed in late 2008. Two years later he returned with To the Sky, which featured Flo Rida, Three 6 Mafia, and Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo as guests.

iTunes: http://bit.ly/JzEEhb
Video: http://youtu.be/-mF9j8uQuEA