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What The Walking Dead Can Teach Creators About Social Marketing


Last night on midseason finale of The Walking Dead, the lookout tower and safety walls came crashing down on Alexandria as walkers finally overwhelmed the idyllic community through persistent force. Cheeky comparisons to Black Friday shopping mobs aside, what can we as creators learn from last night’s episode about social marketing? 

For one: don’t be a social media zombie. Social media zombies, like the walkers, are technically “living”. Most of the pieces are there as a recognizable whole and they are moving but no one would confuse them with being alive. Similarly, you may have a complete social profile and a stream full of self-promotional posts, but is your content really alive, or is it stumbling about the social web, starving for attention, randomly reaching out to anything that moves for ROI relief? 

To make sure you aren’t a social media zombie, look at what you’re creating and how you’re sharing it. Is your content to be avoided like a zombie bite, or is it something that followers will want to consume and tell others about?

  • How much of the content you are sharing is original content? 
  • Are you including links, mentioning others, using captivating images or hashtags?
  • How will this content inform, inspire, or entertain others? 
  • How will this inspire others to support your work?
  • How many of your followers are fake or bots that don’t engage? 
  • How much engagement are you actively generating when your content is shared? 
  • Are you optimizing your strategy based on feedback, metrics, and previous results?

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A related takeaway is that online communities will build walls to keep out social zombies. Within our community, for example, CoPromote uses an algorithm, curating tools, and a community team to reject bad content, block bad creators, and surface our members’ best work. When your content is rejected or does not perform well on CoPromote, it may sting a little but think of it as tough love meant to inspire you to create better content and become a more engaging creator.

As Ovid wrote, and Deanna quoted in her final moments: “Be patient and tough; some day this pain will be useful to you.” Or, you can keep on being a social zombie, pointlessly chasing communities that constantly start fleeing as soon as they spot you stumbling over the horizon.

CoPromote Adds Vine!


Great news!

CoPromote has added Vine to its suite of cross-promotion networks. To celebrate, we are also launching an ambassador program featuring some of the top creators on Vine, YouTube, Twitter, and Tumblr. Ambassadors will be announced at a multimedia event this fall in Los Angeles.

“Creators are the lifeblood of social platforms because they share the most engaging posts. Co-promotion not only helps creators, but also enables people to discover great new content via creators they love and follow, in the process driving new views and raising engagement,” says CEO and founder Mike More.

The addition of Vine is just one of the latest milestones for CoPromote.

  • In August of this year, CoPromote raised $3M+ through an investment round by one of the top VCs in China.
  • In September, CoPromote reached over 1 billion people on social media through more than 700,000 members in fields including Video, Music, Podcasting, Blogging, Crafting, Gaming, Fashion, Beauty, Wellness, and Charities.
  • In October, CoPromote signed its first Vine influencer, Klarity, who is leading the ambassador program and says, “The easiest way for Viners to get more loops is to reach more people. CoPromote makes it easy to hook up with hundreds of other Viners dedicated to boosting each other’s loops.”

More creator networks, including Instagram and Pinterest will be added in the coming weeks, making it even easier for creators to reach new people faster than ever before.

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What Happened to Facebook on CoPromote?

What’s Happening?

Our old Facebook integration was not providing the best experience for our creators. We think you deserve the best. We will be removing Facebook until our new integration with Facebook is complete.


We are working on a better way to optimize Facebook for creators , especially Youtubers and other video creators.

What do we do in the meantime?

You can still direct traffic to your Facebook page via Twitter, Tumblr and Youtube. We are happy to help. Get in touch via email, phone, social media or look for our live chat support during business hours, Eastern Standard Time. 

 Big picture.

We know many of our you like cross-posting on Facebook, and we’re sorry about the inconvenience. CoPromote was built to help creators reach new audiences easily.  A lot of our community’s best content is being generated in video and animated formats. In that spirit, we are working with Facebook on a new, better integration for our creator community. We are also working on adding exciting networks like Vine, Instagram, and more.

Stay tuned for details. As always, feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback.

Featured CoPromoter of the Week: Food Blogger Telisha

PicMonkey Collage

This week’s featured CoPromoter is Telisha from Peace, Love, and All Things Veggie. From her mouth watering Cauliflower Wings to her Vegetable Wontons, her recipes are both healthy and delicious. Besides writing her own blog, Telisha also participates in online twitter chats about nutrition and shares her tips on staying healthy. We got in touch with Telisha to talk to her about her journey with food and how she best uses CoPromote. Check out the interview below!


1. What type of creator are you?
 I am a food blogger! I love creating recipes and new fun ways to eat food! As a vegetarian my goal is not to convert people, but to get them to see that a vegetarian lifestyle can be just as exciting and flavorful as any other!


2. What do you use CoPromote for?
 I use CoPromote to help boost my blog! I love networking and I want the world to know I have something to say. I love that all kinds of people can share my work and I enjoy looking at what others have to say and sharing their work as well.


Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 2.15.38 PM


3. Have you found any other users on CoPromote that you now follow/whose blog you read?
 As of right now I just browse through the site and if a title catches my eye I’ll read it and share it. I haven’t followed anyone yet but I’m still kind of new to the site so in due time!


4. What is your favorite dish you’ve made?
My favorite dish has to be my maple breakfast tofu! The idea jut came to me and I wasn’t sure how it would turn out but it was amazing! So creative! I was so proud of myself…and my taste buds were pretty happy too :)


Want to cook up some of her delicious recipes? Find her blog here: https://plv77.wordpress.com or follow her on Twitter.

Pro Says: Co-promote to Boost Facebook Traffic. Headliner Agrees.

Business Insider recently profiled Koby Conrad who runs Hippies Hope Shop. Conrad caught Business Insider’s attention by claiming, “I completely make my living from Facebook.”

Among the tips he shared for making Facebook work, was one that’s at the heart of what Headliner does: Network.

Says Conrad: The most basic thing you can do to increase your organic reach is to network with other pages that are in the same niche. You say “I’ll share your page if you share mine”, this is the best way to create free organic growth.

Headliner was designed to help content creators do just that: build networks that reach far beyond one’s own circle of friends. By exchanging status updates with similar members, Headliner’s community reaches new people with every post they share.

As fewer of your own followers are seeing your posts, reaching new people becomes an essential to a successful social marketing strategy. Bottom line: Headliner can help you boost your Facebook traffic by connecting you with other people willing to share your posts.

Read on for more tips from Koby Conrad.

While Everyone Else Whines, This Guy Makes His Whole Living Off Facebook Traffic