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Featured CoPromoter: Travel Blogger Paige

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” – St. Augustine of Hippo 

In an age where everyone and everything is interconnected, our thirst for wanderlust has never been so powerful – or easy to satiate. Paige, the face behind the blog Wanderlust and Dogs, has taken this leap into uncharted waters and rooted herself in a country where English is a second language. Her experiences and adventures are written in full detail on her blog, as well as documented on video, engaging our multiple senses. Catch our interview with Paige below to check out her story, top 3 favorite destinations, and tips for packing!

1. What kind of creator are you?

I do a little bit of everything, but to make it short and sweet: I am an American Photographer currently living in Germany and traveling the world on my own and with the nonprofit, One Library at a Time.  I share my adventures through my blog, Wanderlust and Dogs.  I also post vlogs on YouTube on a regular basis, where my dog, Bravo, is the real star most of the time.


2. How does your travel blog differentiate itself from all the other travel blogs out there?

While I do write a travel blog, much of my content is also in photo and video, or vlog, form.  I think this brings something different to my blog because I have the expected written word but then there is also video that people can sit back, take a break from reading, and actually join me on my adventures in a way that reading just can’t provide.

Tweet: I think video is such a great way to share stories with others because it is so much more immersive.(via @copromote @Wanderlust_Dogs)


3. What are the top 3 places you’ve been to?

I think my all-time favorite trip I have taken was my first trip with “One Library at a Time”, to Isla Bastimientos in Panama.  We had to take a taxi from the airport to a smaller airport, fly to the island, take a taxi to a dock, take a very long boat ride, hike over a mile through the jungle, and then we arrived at our very secluded destination.  It was such an amazing experience to be there, but to also be there with a nonprofit and REALLY get to know the local community in a way that regular travel just can’t provide.  We slept in tents and fell asleep to the sound of the sea.  Then come morning we woke to the sound of happy monkeys playing in the trees over our heads.

My second choice would have to be Sardinia, Italy.  This trip holds a special place for me because it is where I learned to dive and was open water certified.  Diving is amazing and after that trip I was excited because my “to see” bucket list had doubled.  Now the underwater world has been opened up to me – and it is something pretty amazing.

And third would have to be another One Library trip.  I went to Belize last spring, and it was the first trip I was completely in charge of.  The people in Belize are really amazing, hardworking people that have amazing goals for their country.  And their country is rather amazing and rich with history.  I made some amazing friends during this trip that I know will remain part of my life in some way.  I spent this entire trip inland and never made it to the coast, so I do need to return and explore the rest of the beautiful country!

So I guess I choose favorites a bit differently than some.  My experiences in that place make such a difference.

4. Have you found any other travel bloggers on CoPromote you love?

I haven’t found a lot of travel bloggers that post regularly on CoPromote, but I have shared quite a few posts from “Moha Photo” and “IMVoyager“.  I look forward to seeing more from both of them.  Also, I always share anything posted by “Gone to the Snow Dogs“– I love their pups and they are also how I found CoPromote.


5. What are three packing tips you can give to anyone ready to travel?

The most important thing about packing is to KNOW your location.  And I cannot stress that enough.  In the aforementioned trip to Panama, we had the hike through the jungle.  I traveled with a rucksack and so I just put in on, buckled it all up and went.  But those who had regular rolling suitcases had quite a time and ended up having to push wheelbarrows because it was a hike through the jungle, not a walk through an airport.

Second is to pack light.  The less you have to keep up with the easier it is not to lose anything.  Not only that, but it’s less to carry and deal with on your journey.  Pay attention on trips to what you use and don’t use.  If you didn’t use it last time, don’t bring it next time!  If you are flying and you can pack everything into a carry-on (I take a small rucksack) then you don’t run the risk of airlines losing your luggage, you don’t have to wait in line to check the luggage, and you don’t have to wait to get your luggage back.  It is not only more convenient to pack light but a huge time saver.

And last, I have a tip that is a little bit less conventional.  If you are road tripping and doing stuff like camping and hiking – take your dog : )  I love hiking and exploring with my pup.  He is an awesome co pilot and an even better hiking buddy.

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