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Headliner Launches Credit Card Billing

Many Headliner community members said they were unable to use Paypal, so we have decided to switch our payment and billing system to make things easier.

Starting today, we will be using a credit card system that can be used to subscribe and buy Karma Cash. Please note the following FAQs and screenshot for more info.


Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 1.14.12 PM

Q: I am currently subscribed. Do I need to change anything?

A: No, current subscribers don’t have to do anything. Your subscription will be “grandfathered” and continue to be processed through Paypal as it normally would.

Q: What happens if I cancel in the middle of my billing cycle?

A: We will let your subscription run its full course, and it will end at the end of your 30 days, but it won’t renew.

Q: If I unsubscribe, can I resubscribe using Paypal again?

A: No, once the new subscription and billing process is in place, all transactions will be handled through the credit card system.

Q: Does this system accept debit cards as well?

A: Yes, like most credit card vendors, we will accept debit cards.

Q: If I’m a first-time subscriber, do I still get a free 14 day trial?

A: The 14 day trial is no longer available. You can use Headliner for free and buy Karma Cash in small amounts if you wish to boost your campaigns.

We hope this helps clarify the changes, but please feel free to reach out with any questions.

We’re always happy to help,


Community Director, Headliner.fm