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Headliner of the Day: The A-Team

The guys in the A-Team aren’t old enough to drink at a bar, but they’re fast-becoming familiar with backstage and VIP rooms. Check out their bio, links and grab a free download of their mixtape.

Brand new mixtape “In Due Time” by young hip hop group @theateammusic! Download it now FREE! http://bit.ly/vIyLKW

Kevin Lazaroff (producer/engineer), Jon Packles (producer/engineer), Eric Alvarado (rapper), and Travis Dickerson (rapper)

It all started in 12th grade English class when Kevin and Travis met up and discovered a shared passion for music. After recording a demo together, they showed it to Jon and Eric (who had been working on some demos of their own). From there White Lighters was crafted over the course of 3 hardworking weeks in Kevin’s basement recording studio on a $0 budget. The A-Team’s debut mixtape, White Lighters was filled with fun lyrics about life aspirations, and the joy of growing up. Since then, with college approaching they have released a music video for “The A-Team” and played with artists such as OCD: Moosh & Twist and Julius Myth – and this is just the beginning of a new hip-hop scene… one with a soon-to-be ubiquitous question: “Are you fuckin’ with The A-Team?!” Check them out!





Headliner of the Day: Miu Haiti

Our Headliner of the Day is Miu Haiti, a young singer songwriter who’s making waves with her catchy, Caribbean-infused  R&B and Hip Hop. Check out her links for more info and to enjoy her music.

About Miu Haiti

Born on February 7th of 1988, She is the daughter of a saxophonist and a milliner. She came to life with deep artistic senses. She had great 1st singing experienced by achieving the semi finals of a contest on 2006 with her first composition on a Dancehall rhythm. a experience she never had before. The title song is HOT BOY and introduced her to singing with instrumental. It was a remarkable beginning for her since she never got into a studio before.








Headliner of the Day: Ray Molina

Some musicians have always known what they wanted to do and dreamt of it as far back as they can remember dreaming. Others find their way to it by sometimes unexpected paths. However you come to your musical awakening, chances are once you’re there, you can’t imagine being anywhere else. Today’s Headliner of the day is Southern California native, Ray Molina.


“During the past 5 years though I have lived in Helsinki, Finland, London, England and of course within SoCal. My career (sport scientist) took me to those places, but I have DJed for 14 years, and whilst in those places was fortunate to feel the culture of electronic dance music, especially the European side.

It was not till last year whilst living in London to get my Masters degree that I serendipitously polished my DJ skills and started getting my feet wet with production. This happened because the topic of my dissertation involved helping an established producer/DJ and A&R man improve his performance (thats a whole ‘nother story!). My research for my Masters degree helped polish my own personal DJ skills by being around the culture; upon my completion of my dissertation I began a blog and making mixes under the series, “Pirate Satellite”.

In March I will return to London, and I am in the works of confirming a VERY big date.”

Check out Ray’s beats at his links below, and keep an eye out for promotion requests from him. As he has already proven, Ray is a go-getter, and will go wherever he needs to in order to make his dreams a reality.

Ray Molina:







Headliner of the Day: Marian Sawyer

Marian Sawyer has endeared herself to the Headliner team in the past few months through her DIY style that mixes ambition, talent, hard work and grace in equal, intoxicating measure. Not only is she is an established vocalist who understands how the new music business works and successfully adapts her classic style to the changing times but she is also actively giving back through her charity work. The business may change, but good music endures. It’s been our pleasure to support Marian Sawyer in sharing her music, talent and message. Read more about her below. And check out her links to sample her jazzy tunes.

Marian Sawyer Bio:

With nothing more than a piano and the wide range of her voice, Marian Sawyer entertains audiences worldwide with the vocal honesty of artists of jazz’s yesteryear. Marian Sawyer’s work is greatly influenced by inspirational role models like Ella Fitzgerald, Helen Merrill, Aretha Franklin, and Sarah Vaughan.

Each of Marian Sawyer’s five songs from her debut EP Marian K Sawyer, Live reached the number 1 position out of 31,000 SoundClick artists in her category of Jazz, and number 1 out of 1,600 in the Jazz Vocal category in 2009. Her music at SoundClick.com had over 36,000 plays with more than 14,000 page views. In addition, Marian Sawyer’s EP has been ranked number 1on the ReverbNation Jazz Chart local to Westport, Connecticut, number 44 on the ReverbNation U.S. National Jazz Chart and number 58 on their global Jazz Chart.

With long standing commitment to charity, Marian Sawyer has performed at fundraising events for Save the Children, Habitat for Humanity, The Sheffield Island Lighthouse Fund, and a multitude of other efforts. Currently recording a new full length release, The Great American Songbook; Voice and Piano, with an expected release date in the coming months. She is available for radio interviews, TV appearances and studio sessions. Go to www.MarianSawyer.com for more information or to purchase downloads of Marian’s ballads.