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Promote your Vimeo Videos on CoPromote

Promote your Vimeo Videos on CoPromote

We're excited to announce that CoPromote has added support for Vimeo. Content creators using Vimeo can now promote their videos on CoPromote.

Why Vimeo when YouTube is already supported? Well, Vimeo and YouTune areĀ both video platforms. But the similarities pretty much end there. So let's take a look at a few of the key differences between YouTube and Vimeo.

For starters, there's the profit model. YouTube is completely free but makes money from advertising. Vimeo gives users 5GB of disk space and then starts charging when those users need more space or want premium features. So in essence, YouTube is more like commercial television and Vimeo is more like a pure video hosting company.

YouTube has a much larger user base, which means a lot more content. More videos from more people who are paying nothing to use the service adds up to... well, a little more content in need of some polish. That's not a bad thing though - there's also a ton of great and very polished content. It's just that with a profit model that isn't entirely free, you tend to see a different mix of video quality on Vimeo.

Finally, there are some differences in the user communities. As many people know, YouTube is one of the most popular social networks in the world. Such a large number of users makes it much more difficult to establish a sense of community. That lack of community is often evident in harsh, blunt feedback in user comments. Much smaller, Vimeo seems to have an easier time fostering community. If you browse through comments there, they are generally more positive and constructive in nature.

The differences between YouTube and Vimeo show that there is a place for both platforms in the world. Now creators on both platforms can promote their videos on CoPromote, where the best and coolest influencers anywhere promote the best content.

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