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Make the Most of your SoundCloud Page

Make the Most of your SoundCloud Page

CoPromote is a great platform for musicians looking to promote their tracks, so we wanted to give a little attention to SoundCloud. With over 40 million registered users and 175 million listeners, it’s worth some attention. So here are some basic tips to make sure you get the most out of your music promotion efforts on SoundCloud.

Make your Profile your Brand

  • If you can, use the same username you use on other social networks.
  • Link all of your social networks to your Soundcloud profile page.
  • Fill out your bio and add a profile picture. Put some time into your profile because it’s a crucial part of marketing yourself and defining your image.

Post your Best Music

  • Keep sound quality, mastering, and mixing in mind when you post music. Don’t post anything that isn’t finished, it will leave the wrong impression.
  • Make sure your cover art is polished. Cover art connects a listener with a song or album before they even press play.
  • Don’t post all your music. Most listeners visiting your page just want to hear a few tracks.  If your page is cluttered, you run the risk of disengaging your listeners.

Put a Label on It

  • Be sure to include accurate and consistent artist name, song title, and album title. You don't want to confuse your fans. 
  • Put your music into a genre (or genres) to help it get discovered by listeners of that genre.
  • Use keywords to help SoundCloud index your music.

Check In and Use the Platform

  • Work the platform. Interact with other artists and their music. If you like something, post a thoughtful comment that says something original. Talk about what you liked about a song or album to increase your visibility and engage others. Interaction is opportunity!
  • Respond to positive comments about your music. This will keep your listeners happy, build loyalty, and keep them coming back.
  • Check your stats to see which of your tracks are popular. Your stats can help you identify your best content and take steps forward in marketing.
  • Create playlists so people can easily embed and share them. You can also use playlists to help shape the way you want listeners to interact with your music.
  • Avoid soliciting your music. Let people find your music through positive interactions or CoPromote rather than a link embedded in a social media post or comment.

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