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Getting Started on CoPromote

Getting Started on CoPromote

If you're new to CoPromote, here are a few quick tips to get you started.

CoPromote uses a karma-like points system. When you share something, you get a reach point for each follower you share with. When someone else shares your content, you lose a reach point for each follower they share your content with. Your reach will never fall below zero.

You only start out with 500 reach points. Sure, someone with 40,000 followers can come along and share your content, but so can someone with 500 followers. You won't get too far on CoPromote if you don't you share other people's content and build up your reach. Besides, it feels really good to share content you like!

You can only run one campaign every 14 days unless you have a membership, but you can stop your campaigns and launch new ones anytime. Featured campaigns can be shared even if you run out of reach. So if you're low on reach, you might want to consider featuring your campaign.

When you Track your campaign's results, you can see who shared your content. You can also rate each share you get. If you give a share 3 or more stars, the person who made the share gets a reputation point. 

The Community is a good place to network. Find people you want to network with and introduce yourself. It just takes a few seconds and helps build connections.



CoPromote is a free cross-promotion platform.