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5 Ways to Improve Your Tumblr

5 Ways to Improve Your Tumblr

You love Tumblr and know it inside and out, right? Maybe yes and maybe no, but it's always good to review. Here are five things to consider for anyone using Tumblr.


  • Tumblr has different layout options, so be careful to choose the layout that best suits the style of your posts.
  • Don't neglect to fill in your profile information and be sure to include links to your social media. When people like your Tumblr content, you want them to be able to see what you're doing on other platforms as well.
  • Make sure your layout is easy to use and that it makes your content the star. Ideally, your visitors should be able to navigate through your content naturally.

Style and Frequency

  • Before you settle on a voice or tone for your blog, think carefully about what you want your brand to say and who you are talking to. Give consideration to the audience your content generally attracts and how you want to speak to that audience.
  • Be consistent in your style and tone.
  • Choose the right content type for each post and mix it up. You have a lot of freedom on Tumblr to engage with your audience in different ways, so take advantage of it!
  • Post regularly but not for the sake of posting. Frequent posts will keep people coming back and also build up a base of content. But figure out how often you can realistically post something that will be of interest to people.

Comment, Reply and Engage

  • Reply to comments on your posts to connect with your audience. People commenting on your posts and people reading those comments will appreciate the fact that you took the time to personally respond.
  • Commenting on other people's posts can raise your visibility, especially if the post you're commenting on is popular.
  • As true on Tumblr as any other social media, commenting on other people's posts can result in new followers. Just be sure to put some thought into your comments.
  • Reblog to further engage other users. It's a part of the social experience on Tumblr and can help create bonds with fellow creators.


Add keyword tags to your posts that relate to your post's content.

  • Tags make your content easier to find.
  • Search engines like Google can pull up tags in search results.

Enable the Ask Feature

Tumblr has an Ask feature that allows users to ask you questions. Turning this on has engagement benefits.

  • With ask enabled, users have another way to reach out to you whether they use it or not.
  • You can respond publicly or privately. Based on the nature of the question and your discretion, you can bring your audience into the conversation by making your reply a public post. Otherwise, your response will be a private message.
  • Public responses to questions give you an opportunity to speak to your audience directly, which can lead to a more loyal audience and more followers.

So that's it! Five ways to make the most of Tumblr.

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