Why Was My Twitter Account Banned?

How did my Twitter account get banned if I just joined CoPromote?

When you join CoPromote, our system automatically checks your Twitter account for bots and spam, or inactive followers.

Why does CoPromote ban Twitter accounts with lots of bots or spam followers?

We do this because our virtual currency (called Reach) is based on your follower size. You earn and spend Reach based on how many followers you add to the community. The more real and engaged followers you add to the community, the more value your shares have.


How do I improve my follower score?

There are several follower management tools online that you can use to identify and block bots and spam or inactive followers.

What can I do if I feel the score is incorrect?

If you feel the score is incorrect, or your account is verified, we are happy to review it. If we feel there is an error, we can lift the ban.

Are there reasons why CoPromote won’t lift a ban?

Yes, if we feel your Twitter or content violates any community guidelines, the ban will not be lifted. Community violations include: spam, pyramid schemes, blackhat SEO, multilevel marketing, sales/landing pages, hate speech, XXX adult content.

Where can I find more information on what kind of accounts and content are not allowed?

Click Community Guidelines or Do’s and Don’ts for more details and examples of content and activity that is and isn’t allowed on the CoPromote.