Why Was My Boost Flagged or Paused?

If your boost is flagged or paused it is likely due to our algorithm catching a blacklisted keyword, or another member curating their Share queue or Follow list. The algorithm scans posts for keywords that are associated with low or bad quality content. Members can block each other or reject posts for any reason — the content isn’t a good fit for their audience, they object to the language or images, or they believe the content or member violates our community guidelines.

Content types that are not allowed and can result in a post being flagged or paused include:

  • Spam or clickbait
  • Illegal or criminal behavior
  • Hate speech or speech inciting violence
  • Pyramid schemes, get-rich-quick schemes, multilevel marketing
  • Landing pages and pages with forms
  • Pages that require registration or login before content can be accessed
  • Blackhat SEO/SEM or any similar content that focuses on search engines instead of readers
  • XXX/adult content

Reasons a user might be flagged or banned include:

  • Connecting accounts that have excessive bot, fake, spam, or inactive followers
  • Misusing Reach, CoPromote’s virtual currency
  • Deleting posts after they’re shared or gaming the system in any way
  • Ignoring repeated warnings against service violations
  • Violating the spirit of the service

Should you have any questions or wish to appeal the flagging of your content or banning of your account, please contact our support team. We will be happy to review your account and content with you and make any adjustments deemed necessary.