Why Was My Account Suspended Or Banned?

CoPromote was built to help creators share their original work with compatible audiences through like-minded peers. Access to CoPromote’s community is dependent on adherence to our collective policies – Terms of Service, Community Guidelines and Dos & Don’ts.

If your account is suspend, closed or banned by CoPromote it is likely due to a violation of our policies. Some of the reasons why your account can be closed include, but are not limited to:

  • Sharing content that violates policies
  • Connecting accounts that are bots
  • Connecting accounts that have excessive fake followers
  • Misusing CoPromote virtual currency
  • Deleting posts after they’re shared or gaming the system in any way
  • Ignoring repeated warnings against service violations
  • Violating the spirit of the service

Should you have any questions or wish to appeal the closure of your account or banning of your profile, please contact the support team. We will be happy to review your account and data with you and make any adjustments deemed necessary.