Why Is The Share Button Disabled?

Occasionally you will come across a post that has a greyed out or faded button. This can happen in the Search results or in the Share queue.

The reason we display these posts is that you can still follow the members sharing them. Adding these members to your CoPromote network means you will see all of their future posts.

Here are the reasons why you may not be able to share another member’s post:

1. No social networks in common
2. Boost has ended or been withdrawn by the owner
3. We don’t have permission to post on your networks
4. You have already shared this content from that member
5. You have a YouTube feature already running with our platform; wait about 24hours for it to complete
6. Booster doesn’t have enough Reach (you have too many fans)
7. You have hit your share limit for the day
8. You have no fans on that network

If you have any questions, please reach out.